Sunday, 5 August 2012

Last Sunday

DSCF0934 I've finally got round to posting some photos of our time with Logan last Sunday.  I took him along to the Model Railway exhibiton and he had great fun going round with grandad and looking at all the different layouts.  Here he is waving as some of the model trains go by.  His favourite by far was the one which had Thomas the tank engine and friends on which we had to go back to on several occasions.

Outside the Guildhall where the exhibition was taking place they had some model boats being sailed on the pond outside the Civic Centre which Logan also enjoyed looking at.  He also desperately wanted to try and paddle in the pond - good job we had his reigns on!

We also went on the carouselDSCF0953

DSCF0954Intially Logan wasn't that keen on this - I think it had a lot to do with the load clunking noise and the sudden jerking movements as the horse went up and down.  Ian was trying to take photos and I was trying hard to keep Logan from crying - bless him.  He was fine when he couldn't see grandad but each time Ian waved at him he would start crying again.

After all that we took him for lunch and he enjoyed tucking into a huge sausage roll - keeping grandad and grandma amused gave him quite an apetite and also tired him out as within five minutes of being in the car he was fast asleep and didn't even wake up when I took him out and passed him back to mum and dad.


Jill said...

Aww lovely pictures Linda! Jill x

Karen K said...

oh bless him, they are such a joy at that age aren't they, with everything being exciting and new and fun... not a worry in the world.

k x

Julie said...

Sounds like a perfect way to spend a day, my hubby would have been thrilled to see the model trains, he's still a little boy at heart when it comes to chuff chuffs lol.

catherine said...

Looks like a fab day was had all round Linda and Logan looks to have really enjoyed it. It will have been nice for him to spend some time with you both
x catherine