Tuesday, 21 August 2012

Fat Man SAL update

DSCF1071 Although it might not look much I am quite pleased with the progress I made on the Fat Man SAL yesterday.  The snowflake border at the bottom is complete and I almost finished the cute little bunny which is one of the snowmans friends in this chart.  I think it will probably be at least another couple of sessions before this chart is completed so I don't think I will hit the mid September target I set myself last month.  I think I will revise this to be mid October now and if it gets completed earlier than that it will be a bonus.  I finally got round to cutting the piece of material down to size now that I know what it's full size will be so I have less fabric hanging around now which makes stitching a lot easier.  There should be enough fabric to make several smaller pieces some of it I might use to make into bookmarks for future gifts.  Can anyone recommend any charts/booklets for bookmarks?

I spent an enjoyable evening with my friend Jacqueline doing some crafting but probably more talking than crafting actually got done!  I've made some chocolate gift boxes which I will post a photo of tomorrow.  I have a lot of these to get ready for a craft fayre but I also want to make enough to use as an advent this year at home.

Has anyone been watching the craft programmes on QVC today?  I've been at work most of the day so am only now able to see some of the programmes inbetween getting tea ready.  I have some ironing to do so may just do that in front of the TV this evening so I'm not completely wasting my time.  DH will be out at his club and so won't get bored to death with my crafting programme.


Julie said...

Four nice different bookmarks here.

Fat Men is looking lovely, i love this square with the little bunny's in it.

Saxo Stamper said...

Wow it's really coming on, beautiful k x

My name is Wynneth said...

Your stitching is looking good Linda. Can't wait to see your choccie boxes :o)

Update on Dad is that he had his Angiogram and current treatment is by more drugs - no surgery at the moment which is great. Best news is that we were able to bring him home last night and he spent a comfortable night in his own bed last night.

See you when I'm back home after the weekend, I hope.

Jill said...

Stitching is coming on well Linda! Lovely to see you and Max the other day! Jill x