Friday, 24 August 2012

At last July is finished

DSCF1078DSCF1077 A huge sigh of relief from me today as I put the final stitches into the month of July.  It's worth the effort but boy was there a lot of frustration with this month.  Here is a photo of the month of July and also a photo of the other months just five more to stitch now.  At least I will be able to get a few stitches into the month of August before this month comes to an end.  I will have to try hard to get both August and September completed so that I can finally just have to work on one chart month each time.

It's an extremely wet and windy day here in Plymouth - poor Max looked like a drowned rat by the time we'd finished our walk through Plymbridge woods this morning.  It wasn't too bad on our outward journey but it got much heavier on the return trip but he would sooner that than have to stay indoors sighing as he does when he waiting to go out.

I have work later this afternoon but before that now that I have completed July I really must tackle the pile of ironing I have hidden in the corner of the kitchen.  I've already re-arranged some of the kitchen cupboards this morning just to confuse DH when he gets home from work later - did text him and warn him but it will be fun watching him go to the wrong cupboards for a few weeks - ha!


Jill said...

July is looking good!!

Poor DH, could you leave him a list! Jill x

My name is Wynneth said...

Well done on finally finishing July. All the months are looking good, best of luck getting ahead with the remaining months ! Weather isn't much better here in Staffordshire :o( just seen monday's forecast and it looks set to get worse for the bank holiday down there and we'll be home by then :o(

My name is Wynneth said...

Hope Ian wasn't too confused with the cupboard changes LOL