Friday, 20 July 2012

Something had to be done

 I've had this big bag filled with lots of ribbon which I have been meaning to sort out for ages - here it is before sorting.  This is by no means all of the ribbon I have, it doesn't include any of the SU ribbon which is a little more organised in a couple of boxes as they are still on their reels.  While looking for something else I came across a pile of these zip lock freezer bags.  As DH was out for the evening I thought it would be a good idea to sort them out and so they are sorted into colours with a separate bag for lace.  It felt good knowing that I'll no longer have to struggle trying to find a particular colour of ribbon - why it's taken me so long I really don't know.

Up early again this morning to be there for when Logan woke up, we've had breakfast and we have come back to our house now to play with the Thomas track.  Logan met his sister for the first time yesterday as Savannah is now out of the special care unit and in the normal ward with Colette.  Mother and baby are both doing really well and Colette is hoping that they will be coming home today. 


Karen K said...

Great news re Colette and Savannah. I hope you have a nice day with Logan today.

Great job on the ribbon sorting....
They do get like spaghetti don't they

k x

Lucy said...

Brilliant news :D xxx

angelwhispers said...

Fingers crossed that Colette and Savannah are home today and you all have a lovely weekend!

My ribbon is a mess too and this is a fab idea! Chanelle xx

catherine said...

This is great news for mum and baby and logan must be really pleased at seeing his new sister.
I do the same with my ribbons after they were really getting in a mess. Have a great weekend
x catherine

Julie said...

Wonderful baby news.
You are organised, my ribbons look like the before pic.