Friday, 27 July 2012

Oh so nutty! and Fat Man SAL update

DSCF0896 I did a fair bit of blog hopping yesterday afternoon and came across a new blog called Being Scrappy where NiKi has some great ideas - one of which is trying to create 52 Layouts during the year.  Niki provides step by step instructions on how to create a LO so great for newbies but also for those that might need some inspiration to get their own creativity going again.  I'm the latter and I've fallen behind with the albums I am doing for Logan and which will now be including Savannah so this bit of blog hopping proved very fruitful for me.  I've adapted the LO to fit the 8x8 album that I'm doing and while I didn't copy the instructions exactly it provided me with enough inspiration to get going again.  This is the 1st LO that Niki provided and I will try and work my way through them to get caught up (yet another personal challenge) as today saw the issue of LO7!  If you check out the link you will see that Niki used one 6 x4 photo but I have used a group of smaller photos which I have had printed out for a few months.  The other aim of this album is to only use scraps where possible.  I think I've managed that with most of the LO's in the album(s) - I'm on album No2 as I've tried to scrap at least one LO a month so that I can see how Logan changes as he grows up.  This LO was made using just scraps which I'm really pleased about however the scraps box still doesn't seem to be going down.  On Niki's blog there is also another section with ideas for using up your scraps called Only Scraps Allowed which can provide you with more inspiration if needed.

DSCF0899I forgot to post a photo of the my Fat Man SAL update earlier in the week.  I managed to get quite a few stitches done on Monday before tiredness finally got the better of me.  I had hoped to complete the chart but just couldn't keep my eyes focused so gave up stitching before I made any mistakes.  Fingers crossed it will be completed next Monday and maybe a start on the next chart too.

I've been helping Colette out in the evenings this week as Tim is on a late shift all week.  I've been helping out with bathtime and bedtime for Logan as well as collecting the washing in for her each day - thank goodness it's been nice and sunny for her to get all that extra baby washing done.  Savannah is doing well and is still being good for her mummy and only waking up once maybe twice a night and then going back off to sleep.  Logan has accepted his sister really well and likes to give her lots of cuddles and is being good for his mummy too.

An early start for me tomorrow, working from 5am to 12 and then meeting DH in town for some lunch before going to try and sort out a new mobile phone for me.  I can only text on mine as the sound has gone so although when I answer the phone people can hear me I can't hear them.  The phone doesn't ring it only vibrates and obviously I can no longer use it as my wake up alarm as I found out a few weeks ago!

Sunday I am taking Logan into see the Plymouth Model Railway Exhibition as at the moment he is mad on trains and it will be great to see his face as he goes round looking at all the different layouts that will be exhibited there.  Also in the town they have a wonderful carousel which I quite fancy taking him on too - need DH to take a photo of that one for me.  Just hoping that the showers that have been forecast don't amount to much so that we can enjoy the weekend.


catherine said...

This sounds like a fantastic blog to go and visit and will make my way over there soon.
Your stitching looks like it is progressing well.
I bet Collette is so glad of your help and it's giving her a bit of time to settle in and Logan to have a bit of extra special attention to. Hope you enjoy your day out on Sun
x catherine

Jill said...

So pleased to hear that Colette and babe are well.

If you get a new phone please can I have the new number?

Just haven't got around to doing much crafting recently maybe I need to check her blog!

See you soon
Jill x

Saxo Stamper said...

Fabulous Linda. Glad to hear baby is doing well x I must get on with my scrap oohing again

K x

Janet said...

Oh, I'm going to give that 52 layouts a try because even though my intentions to get started by up again are good, they just never get there, so maybe this will be the inspiration I need. This is a great layout !! Glad to hear that new baby and big brother are doing well !!

Mrs A. said...

You Fat man SAL is progressing well. Looking forward to seeing a bit more of it. Hugs Mrs A.

Julie said...

It's always niceto find a new blog that gives you inspiration, looking forward to seeing what you create with her ideas.
Fat Men look so cute.