Tuesday, 3 July 2012

Just the border...

DSCF0583...was all I managed to get stitched yesterday.  My day didn't go as planned as it was turned around with a text message from Colette at 5.30 to say she was in hospital having contractions but nothing was actually happening - baby's due date isn't until 10th August so they are keeping her in for up to three days to keep an eye on them both.  So a slight change to my plans as I was due to meet up with some crafting buddies and go down to Cowslip to spend the gift voucher I'd been given for my birthday.  I still went but we also had Logan for company who was as good as gold but it meant it wasn't quite such a leisurely day.  Cowslip is on a working farm so Logan got to see some cows and sheep in the fields as well as the farm cats and dogs and we even found a tractor for him to look at.

I did manage to pick up some lovely fabrics which I'm hoping to use for a mini quilt with stitchery designs on by Lynette Anderson.  I'm hoping to transfer the three patterns I have already received onto the material this week and take them on holiday and maybe work on them there - if the weather is anything like it has been for the past couple of days I think I will be getting quite a bit of stitching done!  Good job we've got waterproofs so we will still be able to take Max out for a walk each day.

Today it is my mum's birthday so I am taking her out for lunch not sure where yet all depends on the wretched weather.  There are several garden centres that mum likes to go to so I expect it will be one of them so that we can also have a look around.


My name is Wynneth said...

I enjoyed our day out yesterday Linda and I'm sure I'll NEED to go visit Cowslip again !!! I'm being really good and restrained and not starting my quilting til after my holidays !! Mind you, I couldn't resist opening the package and stroking the fabrics etc LOL

Hope everything is fine with Collette and the babe.

Karen K said...

Hi Linda

It's coming on isn't it, looking good.

I hope Colette continuing to stay stable with that little baby staying safely in its sleeping bag until it's supposed to make an appearance.

Hugs K x

Jill said...

Hope you enjoy your lunch with your mum and that she doesn't mind going out in the rain ! Also hope Colette is ok, she's in the best place anyway. Jill x

Mrs A. said...

Your snowmen are coming along fine.
Wish I could find the time to do a spot of cross stitching. I did manage to finish a little cottage yrs ago just by doing it in my lunch breaks at work. Hugs Mrs A.

catherine said...

I do hope mum to be is ok now and she's in good hands.hope you enjoy your time with your mum today and she has a happy birthday. Logan will have enjoyed the time with you yesterday
x catherine

Julie said...

Hapoy birthday wishes to mum,I hope you managed a nice trip out.
(big hug) to Colette, hope all is well.