Sunday, 29 July 2012

Changes afoot

DSCF0911 Our little man Logan looks so big in comparision to his little sister who thankfully this week has started to gain some weight - she is now a couple of ounces heavier than her birth weight which is a huge relief to us all, especially mum.  Logan enjoys having cuddles with Savannah as we all do.

Yesterday I finally sorted out a new phone so I can actually ring people now and set the alarm!  I know texting is the 'norm' now but it is nice to be able to ring people too.  I decided on a Blackberry which is completely different to what I have been used to, my other phone was a very old model and one that was handed down to me by Colette years ago.  I'm sure I will get the hang of it before long.

Also yesterday I handed in my notice with my current job as I will be starting a new job next week.  The new job will be regular hours and days and no early mornings - yippee!  I will actually be doing two jobs next week as they overlap slightly as I only got a start date for the new job on Friday and I hadn't wanted to hand my notice in until I knew for definite I was starting.  The last thing I wanted was to be out of work and the job to fall through.  It wasn't an easy decision and I am hoping that I have made the right one, although the hours and days were always all over the place with my current job I did enjoy the work and the people I worked with.  I'm now venturing into the unknown again where I will know nobody initially and while the work will be of a similar nature it will still be different and I will have to learn all over again.  Fingers crossed I've chosen the correct path.

Off to collect Logan in a moment to take him into the railway exhibition which I know he will love.  The weather looks as if it could be showery today so not sure what I should wear as it is still very warm out there.

I managed to watch some of the Olympics yesterday including the tennis - so disappointed that the Murray's are out in the first round they certainly had their chances to progress but it wasn't to be.  I just hope Andy can do better today in his singles match.

Enjoy your day whatever you may be doing and thanks for visiting.


angelwhispers said...

Morning Linda!!

What a gorgeous picture of Logan and Savannah just beautiful!!!

Good luck with your new job I have everything crossed for you that you like it and the hours are so much better for you!

I have a blackberry and have managed to work it correctly!! lol did take a while as I'm not very good with phoned and computers but its so much better and I get my emails straightaway which is great!!

Hope you have a lovely day with Logan Chanelle xxx

Jill said...

Good luck with the new job Linda. Jill x

Saxo Stamper said...

Hi congratulations on your new job, delighted for you x x.

Glad baby is doing well.

Hugs k x

Heli said...

I love the way you so bravely change jobs, wish I had the courage to do the same at times!

Lucy said...

Gorgeous photo of Logan & Savannah. Loads & loads of luck for the new job. I'm sure you'll make friends very quickly & the regular hours & lack of early mornings will definitely be a relief for you xxx

catherine said...

The photo is just beautiful Linda and so glad mum and baby are doing well. Hope you enjoy your day with Logan and he looks to be happy with his new sister
x catherine

Julie said...

Good luckin the new job!
Hope you had an enjoyable day out today.

Jo who can't think of a clever nickname said...

She's so sweet and tiny! I like that there's an adult hand ready to grab her just in case!

It's nice that Logan is getting some special Grandma time too.