Thursday, 7 June 2012

Lots of snow

DSCF0493 I managed to get quite a few hours stitching in Monday afternoon on the Fat Man SAL but haven't had chance to post a photo of my progress until now.  There is a lot of snow in the chart I'm working on at the moment so there doesn't look as though much has been done since the last update but I did complete both the trees and most of the snow at the very bottom of the chart.  I can now start working along and stitching the snowman and the other buildings that are on this chart.

DSCF0494I have also made a start on the Yiotas cross stitch Landscape  that I am reviewing for Yiotas which I am hoping will stitch up quite quickly so far it is going along nicely.  I've put the threads on a large book ring in numerical order so that makes it easier to pick out the colours when needed and I shouldn't misplace any of them either!

Yesterday I caught a train up to Newton Abbot and met my friend Lisa.  We had a lovely time looking round the craft shop and a couple of purchases were made.  We also called in Austins and I bought some wool and a new knitting booklet with lots of baby designs in - thought I would challenge myself to knit something for Colette's new arrival and see if I could actually complete it before the baby arrives.  We had lunch and a good old gossip and it was a great way to relax especially after the busy day I'd had in work on the bank holiday Tuesday.

I have a couple of days off work and I really need to try and do yet more sorting out.  The weather at the moment is atrocious so there is no chance of going out for a nice long walk just at the moment.  Hope the weather is better where you are.


angelwhispers said...

There sure is a lot of Snow on this one Linda but you did hang in there and managed it so my hat if off to you I would have ended up board and been naughty and started something else! The landscape is also taking shape boy there is just no stopping you.

I hope you enjoy your knitting though it will be lovely to see little pink baby clothes! Love Chanelle xxx

Julie said...

So pleased it's just stitched snow! It's looking good.
Nice start on your review kit too.

My name is Wynneth said...

Your stitching is coming along nicely Linda. Enjoy your two days off and I'm looking forward to seeing you on saturday.

catherine said...

Stitching looks to be coming along nicely Linda. So glad you mangaed to meet up with your friend and sounds like you have a lovely time
x catherine

Veronica said...

That's a lot of white, alright :) Good progress, overall. Good going on your new start too. Here, it's been hot, too hot :(


Barbi said...

Ground always seems to take so long to stitch, doesn't it? The ground is going to be coming up on my square too probably this Monday coming. But it looks great!!