Thursday, 21 June 2012

Another house and a few snowflakes

DSCF0506 Another house and a few snowflakes was all I managed to complete on the Fat Man SAL this week - I had hoped to get the rest of the chart completed but time was very limited this week.  I'm pleased with the progress though and next Monday there is just another house and tree with some snowflakes and the border to complete so I'm optomistic that I will achieve that.  I then have the dilema of deciding whether to put the cutebirdhouse and bird in place or start another one of the charts - decisions, decisions.

No other crafting activity has taken place this week too much work going on which has spoilt my playtime.  I did manage to spend an enjoyable couple of hours with Colette and Logan yesterday.  I let them share the joy of food shopping with me.  Logan was very well behaved considering how long it took me to get the items on my list and Colette was amazed with his behaviour as she said he always 'kicks off'' when they go shopping.  Perhaps it had something to do with the fact I kept whizzing him up the aisles in the shopping trolley and the endless silly chatter that kept him amused - strange I never did that when my children were young - I think I always left them at home with DH and went shopping on my own so much easier.  I'm also finding it far easier to make a fool of myself with the grandchildren than I did with the children - perhaps it's an age thing and as I'm getting older so I don't care quite so much what people think anymore!


My name is Wynneth said...

Your project is coming along nicely Linda, I just don't know how you fit in any stitching time with such a busy life !! It is so much easier to be a little 'silly' with our grandchildren, we can hand them back to Mum when they get tired and tetchy LOL
Looking forward to seeing you saturday, will you be stitching, knitting or paper crafting? Not sure what I'll be bringing yet.

Jill said...

That is becoming a really interesting bit of stitching Linda! Will look forward to seeing it in the flesh so to speak!!

You can definitely get away with being sillier with the grandchildren than your own!!!!

Jill x

angelwhispers said...

My word its looking super and I have zoomed in my word where are the squares??? lol I would have a right old headache doing this Linda.

Bet everyone in shop thought loony coming especially with the silly chatter!!!!

When I take Summer OMG she want's everything and won't sit in the trolley I get so hot and bothered so try to get it done on a day when shes not here much easier!!

Have a great weekend love Chanelle xxx

I have commented on your post below twice one time there was only pictures no writing the second time the post had changed and everything had moved but there was writing!!! Strange xx

catherine said...

Great progress with your stitching just now Linda. Glad you managed to spend some time with them this week even if it was shopping it's still nice to have that time.
x catherine

Julie said...

I can so relate to this post....being a grandparent gives you a licence to be daft and silly. That's what I tell my daughter when she rolls her eyes at me when we are out and people are watching me and granddaughter having lots of fun.

Lucy said...

I have a lovely vision of you shooting round the supermarket aisles giggling manically with Logan :D Glad you had a good time. All your crafty bits look great as ever. Hope you're well xxx