Wednesday, 30 May 2012

New shoes

DSCF0468 A couple of months ago Logan needed to have his feet measured to see if he needed new shoes - Colette was most surprised that he had gone up 1 1/2 shoes sizes in just a couple of months.  He had his feet measured at Clark's shoe shop and they took his photo as part of their First Steps childrens club but for some reason in the photo his face appears blue.  Colette thought he looked like a Smurf!  I offered to buy him his new shoes and he loved the fact that they had flashing lights every step he took.

I've been watching the French Open most of this afternoon as I had little energy to do much else when I got home from work and it was far too hot to go out and cut the grass (that's my excuse and I'm sticking to it).  This evening I really should try and get some cards made - my brain has finally come up with an idea for the Jingle Belles challenge - it's only taken nearly two weeks.  It's my father-in-laws birthday tomorrow, I've already made his card but just have to put an insert into it so that's another small job for this evening.

During one of my blog hopping sessions I came across a link to a Hardanger SAL - I've never tried Hardanger before so can anyone advise me how difficult/easy it is?  The SAL doesn't start until 2013 so I've got some time to get some practise in should I decide to join in with it.


catherine said...

Kids feet grow continously when young - I remember buying shoes all the time!! Sounds like Logan loves his new ones. Can't wait to see the cards
x catherine

My name is Wynneth said...

Lovely LOVE Linda its a great memory to keep and I'm sure he'll love to see it when he's older!

Jill said...

I can understand why Logan loved his new shoes!!

I used to do Hardanger, years and years ago and I think it is quite difficult! Jill x

angelwhispers said...

Loving your little Smurf Linda and a lovely layout for his new shows especially love the moon shoes tag! Summer has flashing shoes and just loves them!! Hated the shop though and the shoes are very expensive! had to take a ticket then wait for ages to be served but then at least you know they aren't rushing!

You really are into your sewing Linda looking at starting the Hardanger SAL so dedicated! Love Chanelle xx

Julie said...

Cute little smurf, my GD Is ready for her very first pair of shoes.

My first attempt at hard anger was through a SAL, it teaches you the order in which to stitch a chart, i was fine till I had to do the cutting bit, then a panic, wold i ruin the whole thing? But all turned out well and I am truly grateful to the lady who organised the SAL otherwise I don't think I would have ever attempted it on my'll get on fine with it, enjoy!