Thursday, 24 May 2012

A little later than planned

 I forgot to take a photo of my Fat Man SAL on Tuesday but here is my progress a couple of days later than planned.  I managed to get the second chart completed and was going to make a start on the third chart Monday evening but didn't have the required thread for the border and wasn't going to risk putting the rest of the stitching in the wrong place.  The last thing I want to do is a load of frogging next Monday!  So I will be placing an order with The Patchwork Rabbit today and hopefully it should be with me by Monday - generally I get it the next day as their service is so good (providing Royal Mail play along too.)
We've been really lucky with the weather this week and have made the most of the sunshine.  Today we looked after Logan for a few hours while DD had a couple of routine checks at the doctors surgery.  We decided to take Logan and Max to Devonport Park and guess who got to play along with Logan too.
Initially I went down the slide with Logan as I thought it was too big for him, but it didn't phase him at all and was too quick for me and was at the top of the slide and ready to go on his own - he loved it.  He really has no fear at the moment - which can be a bit worrying at times.  At the top of the slide, one, two, three - GO!
The slide bends in the middle so while he started going down on his bottom by the time he reached the end of the slide he was almost on his front and just stopping before the edge.
Grandchildren are so much fun at the moment and it allows you to be a child all over again - even if it does seem more tiring.


Tammy Bergeron said...

I have three threads on order to for it, so its kinda not my main focus right now. Yours looks good though I haven't even started the inside of the borders yet

catherine said...

Sounds like you and Logan had so much fun today. It is lucky your able to enjoy this lovely weather with him. Sewing progress is coming along
x catherine

My name is Wynneth said...

Great photos Linda, looks like great fun was had by all !


katica said...

Great photos! It looks like you had lotso fun together!

Your snowmen are coming along nicely, congrats on finishing the second block!

Veronica said...

Lovely progress, Linda. Logan looks like he's having so much fun :)


Julie said...

fat Men are looking superb.
Being a grandparent is the best thing ever,you just can't describe the fulfilment it gives toyou...... Only another nanny would nod and know that unmeasurable warmth and loving feeling.