Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Fat Man SAL and other stitching updates

My attempt at getting value for money and ordering the 2 strands of Whitewash thread(which was nearer to ecru than white) meant that I ended up ordering some of the 6 strand instead but it didn’t arrive in time for the Fat Man SAL on Monday. This meant I had to move onto another part of the project instead. I did make good progress late Monday afternoon after getting home from work and am really pleased with how it’s coming along. Just keeping my fingers crossed I counted down enough threads and have put it in the right place! The second lot of Whitewash arrived yesterday and will match the original colour on this project so I am hoping that next Monday may see both sections finished.


Other stitching updates include finally getting some stitches put into the bear sampler again – the bear now has a head, just a small amount of backstitching to do on this when a few stitches of the background have been stitched either side of the head.

Four horses of apocalypse was worked on during the month but I didn’t get the page completed as I would have liked.

This could have been due to the fact I made a start on stitching some Christmas ornaments. This is the first one in the LHN Christmas ornaments for 2012. I’ve managed to complete about a third of this one I think – I already have the next two charts so need to get a move on to catch up with these.


Finally another couple of ornaments worked on from Prairie Schooler – this is a set of 8 so I’m almost a quarter of the way through stitching these little Santas and then just need to turn them into ornaments. These are nice and easy to work on in the evenings as they only use two colours.


So my May stitching goals are

Finish page of Four Horses of Apocalypse

Work on right side of bear sampler hoping to get the banner at the top completed too.

Complete LHN ornament – made up as an ornament

Complete Prairie Schooler Santas shown and made into ornaments

Complete two Fat Man Sal charts

LK March and April charts

Let’s see how much I can complete this month. I have the bank holiday off from work and also a week off at the end of May which is a bonus but there are also lots of other crafting projects I need to try and work on this month too.


Karen K said...

Hi Linda

My word you have got a lot on the go - nice to see your progress. I put my new project on my blog and I'm going to put a photo up every week to show progress. I will only have the one on the go though.

K xx

angelwhispers said...

My word what a goal!!! Its giving me a headache just reading it never mind doing the stitching! Good luck with all these projects Linda. Love Chanelle xx

Heli said...

Good luck with all that Linda, I don't know where you find the energy!

Jill said...

All that is quite a challenge Linda! Jill x

Veronica said...

In any case, you've made great progress on 6 Fat Man :) Beautiful stitching. I especially love your horses WiP.


catherine said...

You seem to have been busy while I was away and projects are coming along nicely.
x catherine

Julie said...

Lots of pretty things to see, i am a sucker for a Prairie Schooler santa, they always look so lovely on the tree during the festive season.

Good luck with your plans for May. xxx