Tuesday, 22 May 2012

Christmas Mystery SAL

 For those eagle eyed blog followers you would have noticed the Christmas Mystery SAL Logo on the right side of my blog.  As my sewing schedule for May was going along quite nicely I decided to allow myself yet another stitching distraction and I am so glad I did.  Below is a photo of Part 1 of the Christmas Mystery SAL that  is being run by Manuela from The Shop around the Corner.  It's in three parts being released every 45 days, more details can be found by clicking on the logo.  The sample that came with the chart was stitched in a variegated shade of red but I decided that I would like to stitch the different elements in individual colours.  I used DMC threads and mushroom evenweave fabric from my stash.  I blended two different shades for each of the coloured elements which doesn't really show up in the photo.  The whole project only took me a couple of evenings and an hour or so before going into work last week and really was a pleasure to stitch.  I'm already looking forward to the next project.
This morning I received this lovely package which I had ordered from Knowledge and Needles a Canadian company.  They took less than a week to arrive and the service and communication from Ann was fantastic - it's somewhere I will certainly be ordering from again.  What I like about Knowledge and Needles other than the great service is the fact they have a lot of charts that I haven't seen from UK suppliers and I like to try something a little different to the normal style that is so abundant in the UK.  I bought three charts from them and Ann included some cute little Prairie Schooler charts in with the package which I thought was just a wonderful added extra.
We have been busy in the garden (well for us we have) there is as always still a lot for us to get done but we are hoping this year we can finally get some money together and make a start on the huge task ahead.  Last year the money we would have saved went towards our daughters wedding which was worth every penny and then the money at the beginning of the year got used to pay for a new central heating system.  Thankfully it seems we can finally start putting some towards the garden.  We know what we want to do which is always a good thing but it is going to take us a while to put those plans into action.  Firstly we need to finish off putting up the fencing which was started some time ago and then get it all painted and then we can work towards the next area which will be a decked seating area and a garden shed at the bottom of the garden and then we'll work our way up the garden.  Perhaps I should start a journal of our mammoth garden challenge to motivate us to get it completed.


Julie said...

The mystery is looking nice.
Great stash, those little PS charts are always useful, I see so many done in exchanges.
A journal of your garden progress would be lovely, I wish I had done it when I had my bathroom refurbishment, you forget how dreadful the old was when the new comes.

angelwhispers said...

Hi Linda! Can't believe you bought three more you must never stop sewing! Love the sampler above its so perfect for Christmas.

Good luck with the garden I was supposed to cut the lawn today but had a card order that I needed to see so when DH came home I started to huff and buff and hey presto he said he'd do it for me!! What a gem. Love Chanelle xx

catherine said...

Linda it sounds like your enjoying your stitching at the moment and sneaking new things in!. Maybe this is the time for the garden now and hopefully you'll be able to put those plans into action and enjoy a lovely summer in it.
x catherine