Sunday, 1 April 2012

Sunny Sunday

It was my intention today to give our bedroom a major blitz and I managed to get halfway through the task when DS No.1 arrived and poked his head round the door and asked if I was busy? I did say yes and why to which he said he had hoped I would be able to look after Connor and Elisha for a couple of hours. A perfect excuse to have a break from the sorting out.

I then spent a far more enjoyable couple of hours entertaining them. We went to the childrens play park which is literally just across the road from where we live - ideal way to keep them entertained on a sunny day. Elisha took 'the baby' with her and they both enjoyed their time on the swings, Connor didn't want to go on the swings but was quite happy pushing the empty one and pretending that he had a baby in there. Then they had a go on the climbing frame and the roundabout before we went back across the road.
The other way of keeping them entertained is getting the Thomas train track out and Uncle Bryan was very keen to help make the track up with Connor which kept them entertained until mum and dad returned - if only it had been that easy bringing up my own children - well they do say it's more fun being a grandparent.
Sadly once they had gone home it was time to return to sorting out the bedroom which thankfully didn't take that much longer. Have sorted a few things out for the charity shop, some for the bin and some paperwork for the shredder - very satisfying.
It was then time to sit back and enjoy some time stitching and I managed to get quite a few hours in on the four horses - have managed to complete nearly all of the black down to the bottom of the page - just hope I haven't missed out any rows which I will find out when I start filling in the rest of the page. Fingers crossed I will be able to get a few more sessions in this week as I've only got Tuesday and Thursday to work this week.
Watched the tennis this evening, disappointed that Andy Murray didn't win but there's always the next tournament.

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