Monday, 2 April 2012

Stash, cakes and crafting fun

This morning started with a trip to the local sorting office to pick up a package which they had tried to deliver on Saturday. It was the fabric and threads for the Lizzie Kate SAL. I decided to go for the recommended fabric but in a different colourway to the picture on my side bar - I've opted for a lavender colour - here's hoping it will look ok. I also went with the specialist threads rather than the DMC equivalents. So far I've only got the threads required for one chart - as they are not the cheapest I thought I would get them as I complete each chart.
On the way back home I called in and saw Colette and Logan and enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a great deal of toddler chatting - Logan is saying a few words now that you can make out, but a lot of it is still the cute baby mutterings.
Back home it was time to make a couple of quiches for our meal today and I also made some lemon curd tarts out of the leftover pastry. As I seemed to be in the mood for baking I also made some small cakes and topped them with some butter icing and fresh strawberries. Wynneth and Jacqueline came round for some crafting time and enjoyed both the quiche and the cakes. I was pleased with how they turned out, it's not often I get time to 'play' in the kitchen theses days.
More crafting fun this evening as I went round to Moya's house and managed to get some more of my knitting project done. There's not much left to do so I am hoping to get it finished by the end of the week and perhaps stitched up over the weekend. Earlier in the day I had managed to put just a few stitches in the four horses but probably won't get chance until Wednesday to work on that project.
Back to work tomorrow, thankfully it's not an early morning start but I must tidy up the craft area in the back bedroom before I go to work as I literally just dumped my crafting bags in there on Saturday and shut the door. Once everything is back in it's place I can hopefully finish the 12 x 12 LO I started.
Off to make my bedtime drink and hopefully get plenty of z's in!


BeckySC said...

Oh, I wanted to reach right into the screen and take one of your lovely little cakes :) YUMMY!

sallysbitz said...

Sounds like you have been extra busy x

Your cakes look sooo tasty, what a torment Lol x

hugs sally x

angelwhispers said...

Yummy what great buns!! Another talent can you bottle some and send it to me as I'm rubbish in the kitchen!! lol

Just had a look through your posts over the weekend I just love the train layout its so perfect and the photos in the park, looks like fun was had by all!

Love Chanelle xxx

Karen K said...

Oh yum to the cake and the kit.

k x