Monday, 23 April 2012

Ran out of whitewash

It's Monday which means it was time to tackle the Fat Man SAL again. Once the household chores were out of the way I had several hours to work on this and was getting along very well when unfortunately I ran out of Weeks Whitewash thread :( Having said that all that is left of the first chart is the snowman and a few snowflakes. I could have got on with the next chart but it didn't feel right to do that. I can have lots of different projects on the go but I can't move onto the next chart as it just wouldn't have felt right.
As I still had some stitching time left I thought I'd work on my LK months of the year. As I'd had to work all weekend I hadn't had chance to put any stitches in for that one. Alas I was unable to complete that one either as I needed whitewash again for the right hand border - at least that's all that's left to do on that one apart from stitching on the tiny buttons, which again I can't do until the stitching is complete (another one of my just not feeling right moments).
I have ordered some more thread along with the extra threads I need for the next FM chart from The Patchwork Rabbit another online needleshop which I discovered while blog hopping a while ago. Their service is equally as efficient as Sewandso's but I have found that their threads are quite a few pence cheaper - they also have some very tempting charts!
Here is the overall picture of the months of the year - I have decided to go three months across and four months down so April will go under January - just thought it would look better that way than 4 across and 3 down. Personal preference I guess. On the charts they have done them all in a vertical line.
I've also managed to put some stitches in the four horses over the past week and have been working on a Christmas ornament from LHN 2012 series. I haven't managed to do any on the bear sampler or the mystery project but with any luck they will get some work on them this week. I'll give a complete update at the end of March.


angelwhispers said...

Linda the LK months is looking stunning and love the Snow Fun for Fat Man SALS what a shame you ran out of thread!!! Enjoy your crafting!! I have managed to de clutter my craft room I have moved some into another room but its so much better!!!! Love Chanelle xxx

Barbi said...

Oh! Don't you hate it when you run out of floss in the middle of a project! It looks great though!

Veronica said...

Aww... Too bad you ran out of thread. Snow Fun looks great! Love your LK Months piece.


Julie said...

I like the Lizzie Kate's in a block better than all under each other too. Looking good!

Karen K said...

Great job Linda, it's annoying with the thread isn't it, but hopefully you will soon have it.

K x

katica said...

Great job, both L*K's look fantastic! Sorry you ran out of thread though!