Tuesday, 10 April 2012

Lizzie Kate Fat Man SAL and other projects

I did manage to start the LK SAL on time yesterday but as I was working all day I obviously didn't get as many stitches done as I would have liked - but it's a start. I think I'm really going to enjoy doing this one and it will be so hard to resist not picking it up on any other day!
I've also got photos of all the other stitching projects I'm working on - I have decided to do them on a simple rotation basis so that they all get something done on them each week. First up is Four Horses, everything that has been highlighted in orange has been completed since my last photo. I underestimated how much time it would take to do just one page even if I wasn't working on other projects I think it would be a challenge. Some areas just have one stitch of different colours so very time consuming, other areas are nice patches of just one colour and far quicker.
Then it's onto the bear sampler - the teddy almost has a head now which I am hoping will be complete for the next update along with an arm or even two. I kept making a mistake with the left collar of her dress - it's still not perfect but I can live with it and the pattern will line up again now - it's only one stitch that is wrong.
I'm really enjoying the Lizzie Kate months of the year and have ordered the threads so that I can do March and the missing thread for February. I think this will look great when all the months are stitched up and it is framed. As I had to re-do January it means I've really stitched two of them this month so pleased with this progress. They are weekend stitches if I'm lucky enough to get uninterupted stitching time.
Finally my mystery stitch - well a mystery to you although I will give you a clue as to what it might be. I found a lovely cross stitching sight called Yiotas where they have lots of kits and charts for sale. They also have lots of free charts that you can download and this is what I did for this one. I was amazed at how clearly the chart printed out and even more amazed that such a large chart could be obtained for free! Can you guess which of the free charts I'm working on? I have ordered a couple of charts from Yiotas which I will hopefully get to work on sometime in the future and later in the year I might even treat myself to one of their kits (as if I need anymore).
I am at last feeling much better - not sure what it was but thankfully the queasiness has now gone. Yesterday was incredibly busy at work and we didn't stop the whole day so the 10 1/2 hours just flew by. I've now got another two days off, today will be spent taking Mother food shopping and I'm not sure what tomorrow holds. I do have to make some birthday cards this week as it's Connor's 5th birthday at the weekend and DS1's later in the month.
Enjoy your day whatever you may be doing.


Jill said...

Good idea to finish up all those kits, just think how much room you will have for new ones!! Glad you are feeling better. Jill x

Saxo Stamper said...

Glad you are feeling better and well done on all your stitching, keep up the good work k x

catherine said...

Great stitching projects you have on the go. A start is a start and soon there will be lots of progress. As I'm packing I keep finding UFO's I had forgotton about. Maybe i should stick them all in a box of their own and maybe one day I'll finish one or two
x catherine

Veronica said...

Wonderful start on 6 Fat Man :) You've certainly been busy stitching. All your WiPs look great.


katica said...

You made a terrific start on 6 Fat Men, as well as on your other projects! I love all of them!

Not sure what the mystery one is just yet, but I will go and check out the site you got it from. I've been reading only good things so far about this site on a few other blogs, so I think its time to take a look!

Looking forward to seeing your progress pictures on all your projects in the near future!

Julie said...

Hello Linda
Had a lovely catch up read after my hols and the easter break, you have been busy. Lots of lovely projects on the go. Super pics of your grandchildren and yes, it is so different being a grandparent than a parent, i seem to have much more patience. Illness seems to be about right now, my grandaughter has been real sick with a 'virus' had it for over 2 weeks now and is covered head to foot in a nasty rash as well now, dr says that seems to be the end of it for most children, i do hope so. It's so worrying when they are little.
Yes please to the strawberry cakes, they look yummy.
Take care xxx

My name is Wynneth said...

WOW! Linda, what a lot of stitching :oD All looking good though. You are as bad as me with lots of different things started at once ! I've got quite a few knitting projects on the go, but I like the variety of switching to different projects. Enjoy your couple of days off. Dad is making good progress physically, although we still have some way to go mentally and emotionally, but he's much brighter today so that must be a good sign.

Lesley said...

I love Four Horses and Lizzie Kate's Months of the year, especially. All lovely stitching though.
Thank you for following my blog :)