Tuesday, 17 April 2012

Fat Man Monday SAL update

Another busy day yesterday, I started work at 5am and then in the afternoon my friend Lisa came round for lunch and a chat. Once Lisa had left I settled down to do some of the Fat Man SAL and had just managed to put in the rest of the wording and one of the trees when we were visited by our daughter and grandson. We were also just deciding that we would treat ourselves to a chinese takeaway and so Colette and Logan joined us for that (perfect timing as far as Colette was concerned). Logan really enjoyed munching on the prawn crackers and dipping them in our different sauces.

Once tea was over my brother who is down staying at our parents for the week called in and stayed with us for the evening. I did manage to put in another tree and some of the snow. I may have got more completed if I didn't keep losing concentration and making silly mistakes - it may have been due to a little tiredness too. Anyway below is an updated picture of my progress. I will now go and see how the other girls in this SAL are getting on with theirs.
It was another early start for me this morning, but this afternoon I joined Jacqueline for a Knit and Natter session at the Saltash library - my first time of going there and I must say I really enjoyed it. The ladies are very friendly and there was a variety of projects being knitted. I took along some yarn that I had bought a few weeks ago and made a start on my first dishcloth. I found this pattern through Ravelry - there are loads to be found on this sight so this could be one of many that I will be knitting. I am using a nice pink cotton yarn and it will be interesting to see how many I can get out of this one ball. This may be my first but I can see it becoming yet another addiction to add to all the others I have! I think I managed to get almost half of it knitted while at the group but with any luck I may get the rest of it completed this evening while DH is at football.


angelwhispers said...

5am Linda I don't think I've seen that for a long time unless it was a night I couldn't sleep!!

Don't you just love it when the kid's turn up to join in the takeaway it always happens here even if they've already eaten as well!!

The cross stitch is coming along and now your knitting dishcloths!! you really do like to keep busy.

Summer is 2 tomorrow, Rochelle is working so me and Danielle are going to spend the day with her before they set of to Peppa Pig world then on to Wales so no baby this weekend!!! Lots of crafty time.

Take Care Love Chanelle xxx

Jill said...

Cross stitch is coming on well! What are you knitting? Baby clothes? Jill x

Saxo Stamper said...

Ooh lovely Linda, coming on now, knitting group sounds lovely x

Barbi said...

You did so good on you progress of Fat Men! I'll be posting mine after supper.

katica said...

you've made lovely progress on your SAL!

Its always fun when family just drop by! Sounds like you had a nice time with them.

catherine said...

Every little bit more done on the stitching will add. It looks good. I have nothing to craft with at the moment as it all in boxes till next week
x catherine