Thursday, 22 March 2012

Scarf completed - two balls left still!

I finally finished the scarf I was knitting out of the odd wool left over from the cardigan - I actually finished knitting it on Tuesday but I only stitched the ends in today. I still have two full balls of wool left over and I have another project in mind for those which I am setting myself the deadline of end of April to complete as it will also involve what I call 'proper' stitching too so as to give the item some extra strength.
I've also spent the past couple of evenings on a small cross stitch Christmas project but I won't show you that until I have completely finished it by making it into something useful. I really seem to have been bitten by the cross stitching bug again I guess it's probably got something to do with all the wonderful stitching blogs I have been checking out and seeing other peoples handiwork.
Not much else apart from work has been happening this week but I'm looking forward to the weekend as I have the entire weekend off where I am hoping the weather will be nice and we can go out for a nice long walk on Saturday and chill out of Sunday and maybe get some gardening done.


angelwhispers said...

Love the scarf the design is just great and I just wonder what you are going to do now with the two balls that are left!

I adore cross stitch but gives me such bad headaches I had to give it up and like you I have a box full of started projects that sadly may never get finished!

I had a bad headache yesterday and I had planned to cut the lawn but my lovely Dad took pity on my and did it for me so this weekend weather permitting I think I will do the borders!

Have a great weekend and I hope its very relaxing for you!
Love & Hugs Chanelle xxx

Marja Rolfes said...

Wow Linda, what a beautiful knitted scarf! It looks ever so soft too!
Have a blessed weekend with lots of cross stitching!
Dutch Tulip

My name is Wynneth said...

Gorgeous scarf Linda, that is such soft yarn, it just begs to be knitted up into something warm for around your neck ! Looking forward to seeing your small x stitch project once it's completed.