Friday, 16 March 2012

New Beginnings

I have decided to make a start on one of the small charts that I recently purchased - as it's small it hopefully shouldn't take me too long to finish. I'm going to do the Lizzie Kate Flip It January design and yes you've guessed it eventually I would like to do the whole year. Not sure if I will do them as individual items or as one big picture. I'm using the recommended threads on the chart which are Sampler and Weeks so it will be interesting to see how they stitch up in comparison to the usual DMC and Anchor threads that I'm used to.
Other new beginnings that I have to report on include the results of Colette's baby scan today - we can finally reveal that she has been told it will be a little girl. Colette and Tim are really happy they will have one of each and it evens everything out for us too as we will then have two Grandsons and two Grandaughters. I'll be able to start knitting in pink now! It also means I will have to hunt out the World of Cross Stitching magazine that had the girl bear ballerina birth sampler in. I am so pleased that I can stitch the girl one to go with Logan's birth sampler and not have to find another birth sampler that would have been of a similar size.
Not much else to report on - the relaying of the paths in our street are now complete so no problems getting in and out of our drive or our road thank goodness. Right off now to make a start on January.


Jill said...

So thrilled to hear the news about Collette's baby girl, I bet she is over the moon about that. It will be so lovely for Logan to have a sister and it completes her family.

Good luck with the new project I shall look forward to seeing it! Jill x

Julie said...

Enjoy the stitching.
Congrats to the happy parents on the news.

Saxo Stamper said...

Oh how lovely x a grand daughter x

Lovely new kit I don't know how you do it.

Have a lovely weekend and enjoy your day off Sunday

Love k x

angelwhispers said...

Oh that's fabulous news Linda I bet you can't wait knitting in baby pink!! I bet Mum & Dad where thrilled.

Good luck with yet another chart you really put me to shame doing so many project!! Love Chanelle xxx

Aileen said...

Great news and love the stitching. Makes me want to pick mine up again. x