Saturday, 3 March 2012

Making the most of time.

I seem to have done this in abundance this week - not sure how much longer my good intentions will continue, but I'm making the most of it! Yesterday afternoon I managed to get quite a bit of cross stitching done and cut the lawn when DH came home from work and got the lawnmower out for me. With the sun having shone for the past few days I thought it would be a good idea to get it cut before we get a rainy patch of days and then it's so long it makes the first cut difficult.
Managed to get the other baby sock partially completed before going out for a meal and a couple of drinks with BIL - a really nice evening. When I got back home I finished off the knitting of the sock and then this morning I stitched them together.
Mid morning we decided to drive out to Bedford Bridge and walked from there to Yelverton following the cycle route 27 - this time it was the opposite direction from last months attempt. We discovered were we should have gone last time but from the road directions it wasn't particularly clear, but at least we know now.
When we got to Yelverton we found a sweet deli shop and outside there was a table for two set up and they served tea there. They also did some lovely cakes so we enjoyed a nice cup of tea and a Chelsea bun.
It was then time to walk back and again enjoy the beautiful scenary and the peace and tranquility of the countryside.
I'm now in the process of cooking a beef curry for our tea. We're taking it up to Colette's this evening as Tim is away for the weekend and Colette wanted some company - it will also give us a couple of enjoyable hours with Logan too. While the curry is cooking I'm going to get some more stitching done - getting really excited about this now as I've only got the grass to do and it will be ready to take to the framers and that will be another UFO complete - only another 12 to go!


Jill said...

It's good isn't it when you feel you have filled your time productively!! Jill x

catherine said...

So glad Linda you enjoyed your evening out. Your walk today looked lovely and especially the tea stop. Hope you have a great time out with the curry and visiting.
x catherine

Julie said...

Darling little by socks Linda, a super quick project.
your walk looks a lovely place, nice Chelsea bun, I am a sucker for cake with a cuppa, the cake in the post below looks real tasty.

Karen K said...

Hi Linda

Lovely photos, really enjoyed your posting today, love the cute socks - blessl. Great picture of you and Ian x I am delighted to hear you are getting through your projects - it is a great feeling isn't it.

K x

angelwhispers said...

Love the socks Linda these are just so cute and I love your pictures looks like you have a wonderful day together! Chanelle xxx

Marja Rolfes said...

Super cute socks Linda!! And the walk with hubby and dog, I love the pictures!!!!
Dutch Tulip