Wednesday, 14 March 2012

Knitting with scraps report.

I did say it would be an easy project I would be doing to use up the scraps and you can't get much easier than a scarf. So far I am about two thirds of the way to the length I would like it to be and at the moment I've only used up the small odd balls of wool that were left over. I'm probably only going to need one of the full balls to finish it off. While I was knitting this scarf though I have thought of the next project to completely use up the wool so once the scarf is finished I will get straight onto that.
It's beautiful and sunny here today, although I haven't been able to enjoy it as I would have liked to as I had to go into work this morning and then I had the joys of food shopping with Mother. Now I don't mind being with my Mother but I just hate food shopping and having to think of what to eat for the next week - I find it difficult enough thinking what to eat each day let alone a week's worth of meals.
I'm going to sit down now and do a little bit of knitting before heading off to No1 son's house for tea, where I will be able to enjoy our two other grandchildren Connor and Elisha for a few hours. Hopefully Connor is feeling better today as he was suffering from a cold yesterday.
Earlier in the week they started digging up the paths along are road to cut back some of the treat roots that were damaging the pats and were blocking off the ends of the road apart from access to residents. When I came home from work Monday I had to drive over the corner pavement to be able to gain access to the road as someone had thought it a good idea to move the barriers right across the road. Yesterday when I got home from work they had parked across our driveway and blocked off even pedestrian access to our house - I just walked passed the barrier - the workman gave me a look and I just told him it was my house. Today I come home to find that they had relaid the path but had put cones and barriers partway across our drive - as you can imagine they have been moved onto their tarmac which should have set by then and parked my car. It wouldn't have been so bad if we'd had some sort of notification it was going to take place but we hadn't. I wonder what tomorrow will bring - I don't have to go into work until almost midday so it will be interesting to see if I can even get out of our drive.
Gosh I've ranted and raved about things this week - must be all the early mornings getting to me - ha!


Julie said...

Oh my, your scarf looks fabulous Linda

angelwhispers said...

Love the scarf Linda beautiful design!! Love your story can just imagine you moving the barriers how funny!!! Chanelle xx

Jill said...

Wow great scarf! Sounds as if the workmen have been a bit out of order, Jill x

Dani - tkdchick said...

What a wonderful shade of blue!

Karen K said...

Fabulous Linda, I did wonder if it would be a scarf bearing in mind all I can knit any sense is hats, scarves and more hats and more scarves...

K x

Marja Rolfes said...

What a lovely scarf Linda!!
I really hope they are ready soon with the path!!
Dutch Tulip