Saturday, 24 March 2012

Is it really only March?

The past few days have been really mild and the sun has been shining - it's hard to believe it's March and not May. Today we made the most of the weather and went out for a lovely walk with Max. I'll warn you now this post is quite photo heavy.

As soon as we parked up the car at Starcross the signs that Spring has finally arrived were clear to be seen. There were daffodils in abundance and some trees or shrubs (I'm not a gardener so please forgive me for not knowing the difference) were coming into bud.
We had to walk along the side of the road and the railway line for the first part of our walk but from there we could clearly see the Exe estuary and on one of the wrecked boats there was a Cormorant sat on the edge probably looking for his next meal or taking a break from breakfast.
A little further down the road Ian spotted this little fellow on a discarded wheel trim - we're not sure if he was making the most of the sunshine or......
stalking this pair who may well have been his next meal. Obviously they were engaged in other activities that made them oblivious to their possible fate!
Once we were able to cross the train line we could walk alongside the estuary and Max decided he would be able to see more if he walked along the wall instead of on the footpath.
It must have been warm as I've taken my cardigan off and I'm enjoying the warm sun on my arms - yes I did put on some sun tan cream as I didn't want to get burnt on my first exposure to the warm rays. Apologies for the scowly looking face but the sun was a bit bright.
Some boats moored along the estuary and in the background is Turf Lock which was our initial port of call. We planned on stopping at the Turf Hotel for lunch and it seemed we picked the same day as an event that had obviously been planned for the Greyhound Rescue South West owners/keepers - there were masses of them there - didn't take a photo as there were too many children around and didn't want to be accused of anything untoward.
A fabulous place to stop off at though and they do the most amazing sandwiches - I had a lovely Mozzarello and roasted vegetable sandwich and Ian had sausage, onion and mustard - yum, yum.
We then walked further along the estuary to Topsham where this lovely cottage could be found near Topsham Lock - I think in the summer months it opens as a cafe. Also near the lock is the ferry which takes you over to Topsham itself.
On the way back we were passed by this crew of rowers which Max decided to try and chase down the footpath - we did have visions of him jumping into the river after them but as he doesn't like to do much more than paddling he stopped short of leaping off the path.
We also saw deer out at Powderham Castle but the photos I took of them didn't come out very well - not easy to know what you are actually taking photos of with my little pocket camera as there is no view finder and we couldn't see the screen on the camera so these photos were all down to chance.
When we got back in the car we couldn't believe how warm it really was - long may this gorgeous weather continue.


Julie said...

Super pics, what a lovely way to spend your day.

Karen K said...

Lovely Linda, enjoyed reading your adventures xx

K x