Friday, 30 March 2012

I know I'm so naughty!

Here is what was inside that beautiful wrapping yesterday - I know it's another cross stitch project but it also includes some sewing to make a needlework pocket for storing scissors and other needlework accessories. I've joined the Prim Sisters club which will mean there will be a few more of these delightful projects arriving every couple of months - as if I didn't have enough to do already I hear you all say. What can I say it's an addiction that is very hard to cure.
No crafting has taken place today, the morning was spent doing some much needed housework and then more shopping, although that was a bit of nightmare as I had to queue to get into the supermarket as people were panic buying petrol. Then this afternoon I took Colette for another scan as the baby wasn't lying in the right position last time for them to check the baby's heart was as it should be - thankfully everything looks absolutely fine - Colette, bless her asked again if they were sure it was a girl to which they said yes.
I then picked my friend Moya up on the way back who was having a meal with us before heading over to our friend Jacqueline's house for a Jamie Oliver party. It was a fun evening - they had the sweetest storage jars but I resisited them and went for something more practical andsomething that we actually needed. Somehow I managed to trap my finger in the car door as I was closing it this evening so finger a bit tender but I am sure it will be okay - just got a bruised fingernail now.
I've just gone to print some photos out to take with me to the Exeter Scrapaholics crop tomorrow and it hasn't been as straight forward as I had hoped. Unfortunately the printer is set up to work with the old laptop, but the photos I want are on the new laptop. Now although I can print from this laptop it won't let me adust the photo sizes or at least I can't see how to get it to work. So as it's too late now to start messing about now I will fire up the old laptop tomorrow and insert the camera card into the printer and hopefully get what I want that way before leaving tomorrow. If not I will have to hunt around and see what photos I have already got printed that I could use instead. Or I guess another alternative could be to create the LO and then add the photos - that might prove interesting and challenging at the same time.
Anyway I think it's time for my hot chocolate and to try and get some sleep. I still have three more days off work to look forward to and then it's another short week next week for me so I am hoping to catch up on a few more things on the homefront.

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Marja Rolfes said...

So glad Colette's baby is ok!!
You are really naugthy!! Now you have a ton of cross stitch projects to finish every other month!! :)
I hope you have the photo's you want for today's scrapping, have fun!
Dutch Tulip