Sunday, 18 March 2012

Happy Mother's Day and new project

It may be late in the day but Happy Mother's Day to all us Mothers - I hope you have all enjoyed your day whatever you may have been doing. I had cards and small gifts from all three of our children and saw them and all the grandchildren today which is always nice.

I've enjoyed a nice relaxing day off work mainly spent visiting our Mother's and then stitching. I have finished the Lizzie Kate January chart will show that tomorrow as I forgot to take the photo in daylight. I also went on the hunt for the cross stitch magazine that had the girl bear birth sampler in. The first look around the house wasn't very fruitful and I was beginning to think I wouldn't find it so even checked out e-bay to see if there was a copy on there to buy. I then remembered I had put some magazines at the top of one of our wardrobes and thankfully it was there.

I have checked my threads and I only need to buy five new colours to be able to complete it along with the fabric. I will probably order that later along with the February LK chart. I am looking forward to starting this one, but will still continue to work on my UFO's as well throughout the year. I will probably have to adjust the section where the name goes as the name and date of birth won't fit on the same line so I will have to put the DOB under the name (always assuming they stick with their name choice). The name won't go in until the baby is born just in case there is a change of mind.
I am also looking forward to knitting some baby items in pink too, tomorrow I will look out a few knitting patterns and see what I want to do after I have finished the scarf and used up the last scraps of that wool.

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angelwhispers said...

Look at you already finished your January chart you are just too good!! I love the baby sampler and like you say you'd better wait for the name! Rochelle called her belly "Summer" all the way through and then the week before said she'd heard a few new baby's had the name but we all said she couldn't change it now as we all new her as Summer and I'm so glad because she is my ray of sun shine!!!

Glad you had a lovely day, me too!! Love & Hugs Chanelle xxx