Monday, 12 March 2012

French Knots

I have managed to finish all the backstitching on the Friends are Gifts UFO so all that is left are the French Knots which I will do during daylight hours. I will then need to give the project a gentle wash due to it being neglected for so long. I can then make it up into a wall hanging as I have found the rest of the kit - well apart from the metal ring to hang it up with but I am sure I can find one of those somewhere in the house.
Before I went to work this morning I had a surprise visit from our daughter and grandson which was very nice as I haven't seen them for a few days. I'm lucky that they live quite nearby so we do get to see a lot of Logan.
Came home to find that our road has been blocked off as they are working on the pavements. There was supposed to be access only but they'd put the barriers right across the road so I moved them slightly so that I could get to our house. I'm just hoping nobody moves them again before I go into work tomorrow - I've got an early start and I don't want the inconvenience of having to move them once more.
I'm hoping the weather will be nice again tomorrow as I'm meeting up with Jill and we thought we'd take Max for a walk round Saltram and then have a drink sat outside the cafe - fingers crossed.


angelwhispers said...

Will keep my fingers crossed that its a lovely day Linda and you have a lovely time with Max and your friend!

Well things are on track didn't you say you had till the end of March for this you really are so dedicated!

I've not crafted for a few days as things have got on top of me that last few days but I hope to be back in my little room soon!!! Love Chanelle xx

Jill said...

My goodness Linda, you are certainly getting lots of your stitching done!! See you later. Jill x

Julie said...

Pretty piece of stitching.
It's wonderful to have family that live near, grandchildren grow so quickly, my daughter only lives 5 mins away and we see our granddaughter 2 or 3 times a week.