Monday, 19 March 2012

French knots - love them or hate them?

I have completed all the stitching on Friends are Gifts but French knots are a mystery to me. Why is it I can do one French knot and it looks great and then I do another one and it's not quite so good? I'm sure practice will make perfect but I do get frustrated that my French knots are not consistent. Tomorrow I will be meeting my daughter after work and I will pick up some fabric to finish this piece off - I've now got to decide which UFO to finish off next.
I have sent off for the fabric and threads for the baby sampler and also the February LK chart. I loved doing the January one and am already looking forward to completing the rest of the months. As promised here is a photo of January completed - sorry about the poor light for both these photos.
I went into work today expecting to work with one person but they failed to turn up and the boss was unable to get hold of them so I ended up working with the boss (who also happens to be my friend). Not sure what is going on with the lad I was supposed to be working with I just hope he's ok. The afternoon flew by which is always nice.
I'm hoping to finish my scarf tonight and make a start on the next project which will be a bit of an experiment and I'm hoping the idea I have in mind will work - no pattern as such to follow (apart from the same cable design) but I'm hoping it will turn out ok. I'm also hoping to get it finished pretty quick as I am eager to start some baby clothes. I am going to pick up some wool for the new baby and it will be so nice to knit some pretty cardigans, etc.


angelwhispers said...

These both looks gorgeous Linda! The french knot sounds a bit complicated think I'll stick to my cards! Love Chanelle xxx

Jill said...

You really are on a roll Linda! Things are getting finished all over the place! Jill x

Karen K said...

Don't like french knots that much...

These are both lovely Linda, gorgeous.

Enjoy your time with Colette.

k x