Saturday, 17 March 2012

Failing eyesight or just plain tired?

Last night I prepared my linen fabric so that I could start the Lizzie Kate January chart but I couldn't see the holes to stitch it! The last two pieces I've stitched on have been worked on 14 count Aida so switching to 28 count linen was a big change. I was worried my eyesight had deteriorated as even with my daylight lamp switched on I couldn't see the holes. DH suggested that I was perhaps just tired - it's been a long week.

Today I was on an early shift so I was home just after midday so I gave the stitching another go - this time in the nice bright daylight which can be found in our conservatory. Relief - it's not my eyesight as I could see the holes clearly and I wasn't tired as I managed to get a lot of the chart completed as you can see.
I did actually get the whole of the word January completed and was just about to do the snowman when I realised I'd missed out a stitch on the letter n which meant that the snowman wasn't going to fit as shown on the chart. So I had to unpick it and couldn't quite get the whole word completed before the light started to dim. I'm hopeful that tomorrow I will finish it which means I will need to get the rest of the charts in the series as I've decided to make it into one large project.
It's the first time I've stitched with Weeks threads and I have to say I really like them - they have are slightly variegated. I wasn't sure if I should be doing each individual stitch or whether it was okay to stitch in rows. I've gone with rows on the whole but I think you would get more variation in the colours by doing them singularly. I'm sure more of these threads will be heading towards my workbox.
I did a good turn quite by chance this evening. DH and I decided we'd treat ourselves to a chinese takeaway and as we were driving up the road we saw an elderly lady fall over. DH quickly pulled over and I jumped out to check that she was ok. Thankfully there were no broken bones just a small cut to the lip and probably some injured pride. I asked her if she had far to go and she had just been heading for the bus stop which was just a few yards away and going to the shops about a five minute drive away. As I was walking her to the bus stop the bus was coming round the corner so I ran on ahead to stop it so that she wouldn't miss it and explained to the bus driver she'd had a fall so hopefully after I'd seen her on the bus he was able to see her safely off at the other end. She was most grateful for my help - I just kept thinking I hope someone would do the same if it had been my mother.
I'm now catching up on Master Chef which we recorded in the week - I have my preferred winner just have to see if I have picked the correct one.


Saxo Stamper said...

Oh bless. Having spent the day with my granny who is really frail I hope the same Linda, well done you x

Nice stitching too my friend x x

Jill said...

Oh well not too worry, it comes to us all eventually!!
My preferred winner won and very deserving too! Jill x