Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Thank goodness for leap years.

The extra day in February this year has enabled me to complete the hooded cardigan by the end of the month which is the deadline I gave myself. I am so glad that I have finally finished this, but having finished it I now know it probably won't fit Colette - not entirely bad news as it does fit me!
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I have to confess this has been a bit of a knitting nightmare for me for a number of reasons.
1. I substituted the yarn specified with a suggested comparable yarn when I visited my local craft store - I wanted to start it almost immediately so couldn't be bothered to wait and order the specified yarn online.
2. Although the yarn was very soft and is incredibly warm it was horrible to knit with - you needed to be very careful not to split the yarn while you were knitting.
3. For some reason when I was doing the left front I kept going wrong, I unpicked it several times which wasn't easy as the wool just stuck to itself most of the time. After going wrong at least three times I even started a new left front as I knew I had plenty of yarn to complete the project. Even then I still went wrong, but persevered and finally got the left front knitted.
4. While trying to stitch it up last night the yarn kept breaking so it meant a trip into town after I finished work today.
5. It took me almost an hour to find a yarn suitable and in a shade close enough to the yarn.
6. The only buttons I could find to match were some lovely mother of pearl type buttons which cost quite a lot per button.
7. Disaster with the buttons happened when I answered the door to a delivery man asking if I could take a parcel in for next door. On my way back into the conservatory to finish off stitching up the cardigan I heard something crack and realised I'd left the buttons on the floor. Thankfully it was only one and DH has superglued it back together as it was a 'good' break.
8. After completing it I realised it wasn't going to fit Colette - not all bad as I said earlier it does fit me and on reflection with those buttons being as delicate as they are it will probably be safer for me to own it.
I did say that I didn't think I would ever knit this again but I really would like to do one for Colette as it is very much the type of cardigan she would wear. Maybe I should try making her one using the specified yarn - but somehow I don't think it will be for quite a few months yet. I think I'll give myself a smaller project to work on next.


Tracy said...

Despite all the problems, It does look lovely though xx

Ruth said...

Well done on what is a super cardigan, it was worth it all I'd say looking at it and what a stroke of luck that it fits you :)

catherine said...

At least it didn't turn out all bad because you have a new cardigan. it looks fab. you'll always remember making this one by the sounds of it. maybe I should put in an order!!(LOL).
x catherine

angelwhispers said...

Wow its beautiful and looks fab on you!!!! You really are a very dedicated crafter with so many talents. Chanelle xx

Jill said...

It's looking great Linda! Jill

Karen K said...

Hi Linda

Well even with all the issues you carried on and finished it which is all credit to you - some people would have just given up. I am pleased it fits you after all the work and hassle you should get the pleasure out of it.

Well done that woman, another one of your unfinished projects finished.

K xx

Julie said...

It's smashing despite the problems with knitting it. Love it!

Heli said...

love it, and I really don't know how you fit it all in!