Wednesday, 15 February 2012

How many WIP's/UFO's do you have?

This was the question Jill asked me on Sunday at the Stitch and Bitch group at Just Tracy's. At the time I couldn't have said so I made a point yesterday of going through all my stitching hideaways and finding them all. The answer is 13! They are all at various stages, some only needing a little done to be completed and others that have only had a few stitches started.

I thought if I listed them here it might make me feel sufficiently guilty to finally get them completed as soon as possible now. So here we go:-
1) Boxer family - I have made progress on this one this week I now only have the top half in the left hand corner to complete, but before I do that I need to ensure I do the backstitch on the bottom corner first.
2) Picture of a Bride - all but complete but there is a problem that I can't find the pattern that goes with this one at the moment - it came from a magzine I believe so I will have to do some further searching.
3) Friends are Gifts - this only requires some backstitching and the sentiment to be stitched - think I might take this one to work and try and get it done in my breaks as it's not a large project.
4)Leaping dolphins - this one I inherited many years ago from an ex-girlfriend of Davids - she had started it but had gone wrong so I still have to work out exactly where it has gone wrong and at the moment that requires too much brain power.
5)Fishermans Lodge - I have almost completed the fishermans lodge but there is still the large border of fishes to be done on this one - a large project which needs to be done at home.
6)Winter Fairy - this is one of a set of four (I've already completed Spring and Summer and they are already hanging on my walls) - this is another one I could probably take into work at some stage.
7) Castle alphabet sampler - again the problem with this one is finding the pattern that goes with it.
8) Fisherman - now initially this is one that David started a long time ago, only a few stitches ever got done - I think he was probably about 14 at the time so it shows how long that one has been waiting around as he is now 25! This will probably be one of my last projects but once it is complete I will give it to him.
9) Four horses of Apocalypse - this is a mammoth stitch intensive project - it came in a booklet form with I think about 10 pages - I have actually completed about 6 or 7 pages, but I really need good light for this one so I will probably pick it up again in the summer months and sit in the conservatory to do this one.
10) The Lion Family - another one that was inherited from an old friend who I no longer see. He bought it when he split up with his wife in the hope that if he completed it and gave it to her it would bring them back together. He never got the hang of cross stitiching and they never got back together again. They have both since remarried so not a completely unhappy ending. Again this only has a few stitches done on about three different pieces of aida as he kept going wrong - bless him.
11) African angel - again in the early stages so will probably be one of the last projects to complete.
12) Christmas stocking decorations - in fairness I have actually completed all of the cross stitch - there may be a little backstitching required but I think really all I need to do now is get them made up and who knows they might appear on my Christmas tree this year.
13) Forever Friends Months of the year - this is another one I inheritied -well it was kindly donated to me to stitch while I was staying with our friends Karen and Phillip. I think I've completed three months and again the pattern and the kit have become detached so a thorough search of the house is required for three of my projects.

I will post an updated photo of the Boxer family on Sunday - if I make myself do a progress report each week it might just give me the added incentive to get more done each time.

Have a wonderful day - I'm off for a walk round Saltram with Colette, Logan and Max very soon - making the most of the last few days of my leave.


Karen K said...

Oh my goodness me, I would be having a melt down - you know me can't have more than one project on the go - it freaks me out.

I am so itching to start a new one but study (sigh) is stopping me, I could easily start my gorgeous Bothy Threads light house but won't.....

I do have one that was given to me which has a few stitches in that the person tried and couldn't get on with it - not my choice of picture - may do it one day but don't count it as actually mine

K x

angelwhispers said...

My word Linda for someone who isn't well you sure have taken on a mighty challenge! Love Chanelle xx

Jill said...

Oh heck Linda, that's quite a lot! I hate starting something and not finishing it - I would be up day and night trying to get it all sorted out!! Jill x

Heli said...

I initially thought Blimey Linda, and then, I thought of what I have, how many times I have started something and then I thought, nah don't fancy this now!

well ... dropping my head in shame, its more........ but I'm not naming and shaming myself.... far too embarrassing!! good luck with getting through them I applaud you :)