Monday, 27 February 2012

Crafters Heaven?

What a lovely day I've had. Amazingly enough I was up reasonably early - even before DH left for work! I had a lasagne made ready for our tea by 9 o'clock and the small amount of ironing done by 10, with the washing machine and dishwasher loaded I even managed to get a few stitches done on the boxer project.
Then just after 11 I picked up my friend Jacqueline and we travelled down to Cowslips where they have the most gorgeous fabrics and a delightful coffee shop.
Inside the coffee shop they have a variety of quilts hung up and around the walls which I think I could only ever dream of creating.
The quilt above was hung on the wall near the table we sat at to have lunch - isn't it gorgeous? Behind Jacqueline there was a lovely little wall hanging, it was very dimensional with the washing hanging off the line.
The one below was huge and had such lovely tonal fabrics - so much to admire and this was only a small section of the quilt. Maybe one day I'll treat myself to one of the many lovely workshops they hold there. I did treat myself to some fat quarters, a pattern and a label to stitch into Colette's cardy (which I still have to complete this month). I also picked up a free leaflet for another quilt design.
While we were there we also picked up a leaflet with other art and craft outlets and one of them was Blacker yarns which was also in Launceston so we gave them a ring to find out exactly where they were. We managed to find them but I think they were a bit surprised to see us and it wasn't quite what we had expected either. They are mainly an online supplier so it was not as we expected a shop with wools and patterns displayed and I'm guessing they obviously don't get many 'off the street' customers like us just popping in (they are based on an industrial estate). Having said that they were very pleasant and were more than happy to show us the different types of wool they provide and showed us their website with details of patterns for the wool. If I had know what type of wool I wanted for my next particular knitting project they would have gladly packed up an order for me there and then. Since being home I have now worked out which type of yarn is required and I think an on-line order may be iminent.
Finally we called in at the arts and craft centre at Kelly Bray where I picked up one of the new Papermania embossing folders - a button embossing folder, a bag with loads of natural tone buttons and the latest Creativity magazine. A fantastic day!


catherine said...

You seem to had have a lovely day out and a good day of work. enjoy your new goodies
x catherine

angelwhispers said...

Sounds like you had a heavenly day Linda. Chanelle xx

Jill said...

Sounds like a proper crafting day Linda!! Jill x

Karen K said...

Sounds perfect Linda

K xx

Julie said...

Beautiful quilts, sounds like a lovely day, will have to check out Blacker Yarns, thanks for the link.