Monday, 20 February 2012

Boxer update

Now I'm not sure how much progress can actually be seen, but I did manage to complete the bottom page of the chart and make a start on the final part on the top sheet. I've put the backstitch in, although in some places it hardly makes any difference. The first photo of this project can be found here but here is this weeks photo.
Not sure how much time I'll get to work on it this week as I'm working a full seven days this week so time may be limited or just too tired when I do get home as it's a real mix of hours.
Now I know I said I wouldn't start any new projects, but on the train down to Camborne on Saturday I needed something to keep me occupied so I took along a small kit from one of my cross stitch magazines. The light isn't great to work on in the train so trying to follow the colour chart was a bit of a headache in itself, but I probably managed to get about a quarter of the little picture done. Will try and get this one done at work so you can see the finished article this year rather than in another ten or so!!!
I took my knitting along with me on Saturday evening when I went babysitting, but had forgotten just how difficult it is to knit with two young kittens so I ended up watching Benidorm DVD's instead. The knitting will have to be done another day.


Karen K said...

Oh yes I can see the progress well done you... Bad girl for starting another project..... you can't help yourself can you LOL.

Kittens and knitting a no no !

K xxx

cotnob said...

Wow! This is absolutely gorgeous, I have just started to learn to cross stitch but I can't ever imagine being able to tackle something as complex and beautiful as this.

Marja Rolfes said...

Wow, what a lot of work is there in that embroidery picture!!! I don't dare start on such a job....I won't finish it EVER.........
Have a lovely evening!
Dutch Tulip

catherine said...

Your stitching progress is just fab and it will look fab when finished. Such lovely colours
x catherine

Jill said...

Yeah Boxers nearly done! Mmm... knitting and 4year old cats isn't easy either! Jill x

angelwhispers said...

Love it Linda and what a difference. Chanelle xxx

Julie said...

Hello Linda, thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment.

The boxers are a fabulous project. Not sure i could stitch on a train, but you did a lovely job with the little design.

Annie said...

you are busy with your cross stitch! I look forward to seeing the finished pieces, one day I'll get around to finishing some of mine .. .. but not whilst there's so much decorating to do and with builders, hopefully, arriving next month. thanks for stopping by my blog.
love and hugs, annie x

Heli said...

Love the boxers, its going to be fantastic when it's done! And it will be very soon, I have a feeling that your on a mission!