Sunday, 12 February 2012

Boxer Cross Stitch - UFO

A little later than promised but here is a picture of my next cross stitch UFO that needs to be completed asap. The threads I needed arrived on Wednesday and I will be taking this along to the local Stitch and Bitch group being held at Just Tracy's today. It's the first time I'll have been to the group but am looking forward to catching up with a few old friends and hopefully meeting some new ones too.


We managed to get out for a lovely walk with Max yesterday, although the wind was a bit chilly out of it the sun was quite warm. We started our walk out at the old Harrowbeer airfield near Buckland Monochorum and followed some of Route 27 cycle track with the intention of going as far as Bedford Bridge. However we got so far and found we would have had to go down a country lane which with oncoming traffic and a dog that insists on walking nearer the centre of the road than the edge we took a detour and walked across the moorland instead. It is our aim now to start at Bedford Bridge and walk the other way to see where that road would have come out. It was a beautiful walk regardless - we are so lucky to live so near to such beautiful countryside.

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Karen K said...

Ooh it's gorgeous Linda and good luck with finishing. I am itching to start something but keep putting it off, I am sitting here supposed to be working on my courses but as yet have not opened the paper...

K x