Monday, 6 February 2012

Can you help?

Daily posts below this appeal.

My dear friend Karen is trying to help a lady called Ruth who was recently on the Jeremy Vine radio show raise enough money to pay for an operation Ruth desparately needs to give her the chance to live and see her son Brandon grow up. Karen is giving people the chance to win some lovely prizes if they make a donation to Ruth's appeal. More details of what Karen is trying to do can be found here. Further details about Ruth and her story can also be found on Ruth's site Help Ruthie. If you would like to donate then please go to Ruth's site and you can find out the various ways in which you can do this. Once you have made a donation then go to Karen's blog and leave her a comment and Karen will enter you into the prize draw for your chance to win one of four prizes that have generously been donated. Hopefully if we can make enough people aware of Ruth's plight then we might be able to help save her life and bring so much joy to her son too.

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