Saturday, 31 December 2011

An Alternative Christmas Dinner

As our children are all grown up, two of them married with families of their own we didn't really know what to do for Christmas. Then one evening when Ian had met up with his brother Keith for a few drinks they came up with the idea of having a BBQ Christmas style dinner out on the moors. With a bit of forward planning all we had to do was warm up the meat and potatoes, cook the veg on the camp stove and sausages and bacon on the BBQ and hey presto!


Ian, Keith, Bryan, myself, Max and Charlie waiting for the BBQ to warm up so we can warm and cook our Christmas dinner.


Keith prepping the sausages and bacon with Max out of shot but hoping something might get dropped.


Christmas dinner all dished up and waiting to be eaten. We'd borrowed a gazebo which proved useful as it was just a little drizzly out on the moors that day.


Can't have a Christmas dinner without Christmas crackers - although some might think we were crackers anyway. We did get a few funny looks from people walking by, but who knows we might have started a whole new trend for next year!

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angelwhispers said...

What a fab way of having your Christmas Dinner! Don't know why people where looking! lol

Happy New Year to you and your family Love & Hugs Chanelle xxx