Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Last two from retreat

Here are the last two LO's I managed to complete at the scrapbooking retreat. The first one was taken back in June on one of those lovely sunny days - unfortunately I was at work on this day when all the family got together for a BBQ, but Ian managed to get some lovely photos of the grandchildren for me to scrap.

logan 4

The second LO, again I was at work when these were taken. We are lucky enough to live quite near to a childrens park which means Logan gets to play on the swings quite often. The park is literally just across the road from our house. Both the LO's were again made using papers from my scrap box with just the addition of some embellishments.

logan 5

Since I have been back from the retreat I don't seem to have had much opportunity for crafting, although I did manage to complete another LO for Logan's album last night, along with making some orange cupcakes which also used butternut squash as one of the main ingredients. I've got this lovely baking book called Red Velvet Chocolate Heartache which uses all different types of vegetables instead of butter and while it might seem an odd concept, believe me they taste delicious. I will take a photo of them later if there are any left!

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Jill said...

Love both those LOs Linda. The photos in the second one make Logan's hair look really red!! Jill x