Thursday, 19 May 2011

Puppy Appeal - can you help?

I came across this appeal this evening - if you would like to help then the full details can be found on Kirsty Wisemans blog - here is jus a snippet. Along with the appeal for financial help there is the chance of winning a great raffle prize - do check it all out.

"The story.....A facebook friend of mine, Janey Pye (cool name, right?), wrote about an incident relating to her Jack Russell dog, Daisy, on the 17th May 2011 but today, 18th May 2011 she received the devastating news that she either find £1600 for vet bills or have her dog destroyed. I mean, you just can't comprehend anything like that, can you? In the cold light of day, being given that kind of alternative is gut wrenching. The fact that Janey has no pet insurance is of no consequence to me or indeed many of my friends, the positive in me see's to it that I and whoever else who is attached to Janey must do all they can to help her. I know its not something we all can afford but some of us go through our daily lives praying nothing happens to our pet to warrant such a huge expense."

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