Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Everyday Life

After working two very long and busy days Sunday and Monday I've been fortunate enough to have two days off to recover! Not much crafting has been done while I've been chilling out and recharging my batteries so I thought I would share some photos I've taken over the past couple of months.

The first one is of our three grandchildren. Colette and I had been to Church one Sunday morning and rather than going straight home we decided to take a walk along Plymouth Hoe and as we were walking along we saw David and his family fishing. I managed to grab the opportunity of getting a photo of all three of them together, something that doesn't happen often at the moment. Connor was a bit reluctant to have his photo taken so was covering his face and Elisha bless her copied!


Next up is Connor on his 4th birthday wearing the Spider Man pyjamas that his Auntie Letty bought him and riding the scooter mum and dad had bought him for his birthday. It's hard to believe this little man is four years old already and that he will be starting school in September.


We took this photo of Logan about a month ago so he was only four months old but as you can see he is holding his head up and cheerfully looking around at us while he was on his baby play mat. At the moment he is nearly always this cheerful (obviously doesn't take after the Harris side of the family!) - Colette has been very lucky with him and I hope he will always remain such a cheeky chappy.


At Easter Colette and I took a trip up to Buckfastleigh to see Logan's grandad playing at train dirvers - typically the train was late and by the time Ian got into the station we'd already had lunch and Logan had got bored and fell asleep. A rare photograph of me actually in a dress - well I had to make the most of the gorgeous sunshine.


Last Friday afternoon we met up with Keith and enjoyed an afternoon on the Barbican as it was part of the Jazz Festival. I have to confess we spent a vast majority of the time sat outside the Watering Hole enjoying the sounds.


We did get up and wander around occasionally and take in some of the other musicians and artists that were there. It was a bit windy at times, but these young muscians did really well not to lose their music sheets and they were fantastic to listen to.

Keith and I really enjoyed our little art discussion while watching this man create his own miniature work of art. We'd been looking at some of his other paintings and discussing which ones we liked and why. I gave a reason why I like a particular one and when I gave my reason why Keith could then see where I was coming from and vice versa - made for a fun afternoon.



Mandy said...

Hi Linda,
Great pics how cute are those little ones,they look adorable...I love Buckfastleigh will be visiting there in October along with a few others places,staying at Ashburton...
Mandy x

Anonymous said...

You have absolutely adorable grandchildren - what a lovely family. You must be very proud!
Take care
Rachel and Angela