Friday, 27 May 2011

Comment problem

Just wanted to say that for some reason blogger isn't allowing me to comment on some blogs - which is a great pity as I have enjoyed looking at my favourites and have wanted to share positive comments with you - hopefully it will be sorted out soon!


sallysbitz said...

I downloaded Google Chrome and this seemed to sort this problem BUT I have noticed on all the blogs I have visited today that the 'followers' logo is there, but NO pictures of followers and NO button to become a follower.
I did a posting on my blog about this and have feed back thats its not just me this is happening to. Sooo bloomin annoying.

danemi1 said...

take out the tick for remembering you when you sign in and this sorts it out hun - have been struggling for last few days - many of us have - this fixes it - fingers crossed - hope it works for you darling x