Sunday, 27 February 2011

10 weeks old today!

I thought I would update you with the progress of our latest grandchild Logan who is 10 weeks old today - can't believe it - the time seems to be flying by. I know I'm biased but he is just adorable and smiling at us now which we managed to capture today when we were lucky enough to have him to ourselves for a few hours.
logan 10 wks
Just a reminder that Logan was 8lbs 8 1/2oz when born and he is now 12lbs 12oz so doing really well. He looked so smart today dressed up in one of the outfits which we bought him for Christmas which is 3 - 6 months - somehow I don't think he will be in it for very long at this rate.
I also had the pleasure of spending some time with our other two grandchildren Connor and Elisha who I find it hard to believe will be 4 and 2 years old respectively this year! I called in to see them after collecting Logan so the cousins could see each other. Elisha was most interested in Logan and kept stroking his cheek and saying baba - strange as at only 18 months herself I still think of her as a baby even though she is toddling around and getting into everything.


Faye said...

He's gorgeous, I can see you in him! xxx

Jill said...

Aww what a cute picture,he looks such a sweetie. Jill x

Saxo Stamper said...

What a cutie patootie he is - just gorgeous.

K x

My name is Wynneth said...

He's just scrummy Linda !! You are so blessed to have such beautiful grandchildren.