Wednesday, 5 January 2011

This little monkey

little monkey
has managed to give herself a hernia! Don't know how, but it's not surprising as Elisha is into everything, always trying to climb up on things, lifting things, etc. Yesterday evening we spent a couple of hours at David's looking after Connor (who was asleep) and Marley (lively as ever) while David and Vicky waited to see what the hospital was going to do.

Unfortunately they couldn't push the hernia back in and it is too big apparently for them to operate on at Derriford hospital so Elisha has now been transferred to Bristol. Hopefully they will be operating today - so all we can do now is anxiously await news. Between the family we offered to look after Connor to save them having to take him with them, but they have decided to all go up.


Saxo Stamper said...

Oh dear - get well soon Elisha ! Thinking of you all.

K x

Jill said...

Oh the poor little love, like you will just await news. Jill x

Lucy said...

Hope it goes well. Poor little one x