Saturday, 1 January 2011


I wish everyone a very Happy New Year - hoping it brings you lots of happiness.

Resolutions - do you make them? Do you keep them? I have to confess I always make them but have difficulty in keeping them, but not one to give up I keep trying every year. This year I'm going to set myself three crafting resolutions.

1. Make more time to craft and create a crafting routine around my new job/working hours - not just come home and veg in front of the TV!

2. Use lots of the stash I already have and try hard not to buy new stash just for the sake of it!!

3. Complete some of the many UFO's from previous years - I did manage to complete the Snow Leopard last year so I know it can be done!!!

A great start to the New Year as I have got the whole weekend off. New Years Eve was spent looking after Connor, Elisha and Marley while David and Vicky went out to celebrate. Connor and Elisha were no problem at all as they were already tucked up in bed and we didn't hear a murmur from them. Marley their dog on the other hand took a bit of settling down. Once he realised that we didn't want to be jumped all over, but were happy to play with his toy or have a cuddle on the sofa with him then it made for a very pleasant evening indeed. I don't believe you can beat the company of a dog.

Marley we have to admit, (although we both love dogs) we have our reservations about with David and Vicky having two young children. He's a cross between a Staffy and a Rottweiller - he's obviously very boisterous right now as he is a puppy, but I think providing they train him he will become a lovely dog. But you hear so many horror stories with those breeds ( I also know that they can be great big softies too) and Elisha shows no fear as far as dogs are concerned and that worries me more than anything. Connor has always been more cautious. Our dear little dog Max is very unsure of Elisha and does his utmost to avoid being near her - not that she has been cruel to him, but I think it's the uncertainty of not knowing what she might do that freaks him out. Those of you that know Max know what a little dear he is, but even I wouldn't trust him alone with Elisha. So I pray that all will be well with Marley.

This morning I have spent making a start (yet again) on sorting our house out! Today I decided it was the turn for our bedroom. I've sorted out the case full of wool which was under the bed - some of the unfinished projects I decided to scrap as I knew I would never wear them even if I completed them ( I started them mega years ago), some of the wool I have put by to have a go at crochet with and the rest of the projects are part of my resolutions to try and complete! I've sorted out my magazines which seem to pile up so quickly - keep saying I won't buy anymore other than the ones I have got subscriptions to, but there's always at least one project on the front cover that tempts me. Anyway I managed to get rid of two boxes from under the bed so now I've got space for any contraband should I need it, which I won't as I'm going to use what I've already got!!!!!!! (Keep telling myself that and it might just work)

I've now, hopefully got an hour or so spare to get a card completed for a challenge before heading down to the in-laws where we have been invited for our evening meal - roast beef and all the trimmings no doubt - will be delicious whatever it is as mother in law is a fantastic cook.

Enjoy your New Years day, whatever you may be doing and I look forward to seeing some of you very soon.


Jill said...

Sounds as if you as busy as always Linda! Expect I will see you at the crop next Saturday. Happy New Year and enjoy your evening. Jill x

Elaine said...

Sounds like you had a brilliant time Linda, I will also see you at next weeks Plymouth Crop.
Happy New Year to you and yours, Elaine xx