Sunday, 16 January 2011

Art Journal 7th - 9th January

3 more entries for the Art Journal. The 7th January I have journalled about Colette and Logan staying the night with us and the fact that I was itching to craft, but knew that spending time with them was more important - the poem about baby's growing so quick and housework can keep sprang to mind.

8th January was the first Plymouth crop of the year and I've journalled about friendship and sharing crafting time together. Had a great stamp with the recipe for friendship. Finally the 9th January I was working all day so had only a little time and energy left for crafting that day.

Although I've fallen a little behind with making the Art Journal I keep a note of what I want to enter for each day - I've got two days off from work tomorrow and Monday so I am hoping to bring it back up to date and share some more pages with you next week. I've bought myself the A4 binder - just need to decorate it!

art journal 3


My name is Wynneth said...

I love your idea for the Art Journal Linda - so much nicer than just a Diary and you are doing well keeping it up! I love all the pages you've done so far.

Annie said...

love the next page! and so pretty in pink and green.
hugs, annie x