Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Christmas - a time to share with family

I hope everyone had a lovely Christmas - we did. We spent Christmas morning at our house with our Colette, Tim and Logan - we even got ready to go to Church only to find that due to the icy conditions the church service had been cancelled!

Ian and myself had been invited to our eldest son David's house for Christmas dinner, which he cooked and it was delicious. We spent time playing with Connor and Elisha and had a really nice time.
connor christmas
elisha christmas
logans 1st christmas

Colette, Tim and Logan had been invited down the in-laws and Bryan was spending the day at his girlfriend Vickys house.

On Boxing Day we had Tim's family come for dinner and we enjoyed some time playing on the Wii - Colette and Tim had bought me Mario Kart.

But alas the holiday time has gone too quick and it's back to work today.


Jill said...

Sounds as if you had a lovely time Linda! Just love those photos. Connor and Elisha seem to be growing up so fast and what a sweet picture of Logan! Hope your day at work goes quickly and that you have a lovely New Year! Jill x

Annie said...

glad you had fun with your family Linda, those grandkids are just darling! looking forward to seeing you again soon.
hugs, annie x

My name is Wynneth said...

Thanks for sharing your beautiful piccies Linda. Sounds like you had a lovely Christmas :O)

Sorry to hear that you are already back to work, but I guess you have a couple more days off on the way this weekend? Hopefully :O)

Happy New Year to you and yours my dear.