Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Snow falls in Newlyn?

A small snowdrift falling in Newlyn?  For those that know Newlyn you’ll probably have guessed it’s leftover ice from the fisherman’s catch this morning.  It just struck me as amusing seeing the seagull perched on the ice – he’d earlier been delving in finding small bits of fish remnants for his mid morning snack.
Today started with me waking up to this beautiful view of the sun rising – a promise of another fine day ahead.
We decided we would travel down to Penzance in the car and walk to Mousehole.  The sea wall which also took a bit of a battering in last years storms has now been restored.  Beautiful blue sky. although a slightly fresh wind made for a very comfortable walk.
Mousehole is another small fishing village with a small harbour again bathed in sunshine.  Lots of narrow streets and quaint cottages with just a few gift shops, art galleries and cafes.
We decided to have lunch in a lovely cafe called Hole Foods where they had a lovely selection of foods on offer either to eat in or takeaway.  I decided to try out the Spicy Lentil Loaf with salad while DH went for a Brie and Ham baguette.  A hot drink to go with our lunch, mine was a Cappuccino which came decorated with a sprinkling of chocolate but in the middle of the foamy milk a heart had been formed – how sweet.
They also stocked a lovely selection of local wines, beers, preserves, etc.  It was nice to be able to sit and enjoy the food and also have something to look at while eating.  They had sour dough and spelt bread available to buy, an assortment of coffees and teas, chocolates, crisps and all sorts of other delights.

We caught the bus back to Penzance and then we returned back to our holiday cottage.  The late afternoon has been spent working on the baby sampler as the light in our holiday home is fantastic for stitching.

This evening I will be doing some reading which brings me to today’s photo prompt Book.  We always bring along some reading material when we go on holiday.  I’d brought two books with me J is for Judgement which I have been reading during my breaks at work and managed to finish yesterday.  Today’s reading material will the The Cake Shop in the Garden while DH prefers James Herbert and Ghosts of Sleath.

Monday, 12 October 2015

Memories photo prompt #12

Today we woke up to beautiful sunshine.  After enjoying a leisurely breakfast we then headed off for a walk along the coastal footpaths.  Initially we were going to walk from Coverack to St Keverne walking inland but we only managed to get about halfway when we had to turn around.  The reason for the u turn was that in order to follow the footpath we had to walk past some cows which in itself wasn’t the problem but when we got nearer we also saw a bull keeping eye on a young calf – we decided it was best not to tempt upsetting either of them and so headed back down the footpath and along the coastal path again.  We wandered around to Lowland Point and watched a helicopter practising manoeuvres near the old quarry before heading back to our holiday home. 

Memories is the photo prompt for today and we were able to enjoy many of them while having lunch on the sun terrace of the property we are staying in.  Amazing views out to sea and across to the small harbour in Coverack.  We could have sat there enjoying the sunshine for ages but believe it or not we didn’t want to risk getting sunburnt.

Sunday, 11 October 2015

Sunday catch up

Firstly the photo prompt for today is the Colour Orange.  I recently bought a lovely set of Yankee Candles from QVC (they also came in two gorgeous boxes which was another reason for buying them) and two of the candles are different shades of burnt orange.  They smell absolutely gorgeous (although DH isn't always in agreement with me on that).
Today is my Sunday SAL for the Cornwall Cottage Sampler and I realised I didn’t put last Sunday’s progress up on my blog.  I only managed to get a couple more rows worked on it last Sunday but some progress is better than none.  Here is a photo of where I left it last week.
We have travelled down to Coverack today for  a weeks holiday so will be adding more stitches to this while I am here today.  DS2 has kindly agreed to housesit for us this week – I hope they enjoy the time on their own.

The sun had disappeared by the time we got down to our holiday home but the outlook for the week is dry which is all we are hoping for.  We don’t want it too hot otherwise we can’t walk as far as we would like as it’s not fair on Max.  We had a walk shortly after we arrived and were amazed at how strong the waves were especially as it was not particularly windy.  It’s no wonder part of the sea wall got damaged last year in the storms.  The waves today were obviously nothing in comparison to then but they were throwing lots of seaweed up onto the road.  We felt the sea spray and could taste the saltiness in the sea breeze.
We are looking forward to a very relaxing week and enjoying the beautiful coastal countryside so we can recharge both our mind and body.

Saturday, 10 October 2015

Colours of Autumn–Photo Prompt #10

Normally when I think of the colours of Autumn I think of reds, browns and gold and initially I was going to take a photo of the leaves on the trees as they change colour this month.  However, I decided I would take a photo of a small area in our front garden showing the colours of Autumn that are in our garden at the moment instead.
 We have the green leaves of the Agapanthus. the beautiful red and white Cyclamens, new green growth from bulbs which are probably being confused by the mild weather, the brown crunchy leaves which are falling from the trees in our street which will provide some nice winter mulch and tucked in there were also some tiny violet/pansy type flowers which I’m guessing a passing bird must have planted as I certainly didn’t.

Friday, 9 October 2015

Photo prompt #9 and October sketch challenge

Today was treat day.  Colette and I went into town and had our nails painted.  I’ve gone for a pink colour this time and Colette had a reddish/orange colour both look very pretty.  After a little pampering we went round town for a while with her friend looking at a few baby items – getting some ideas for next years arrival.  Colette and her friend went off to do some shopping together and I went to meet up with DH who treated me to lunch.   Also during the course of the afternoon we went for a hot drink which gave me the opportunity to take a photo of today’s prompt which is Warm Drink.  My favourite warm drink at the moment is a cappuccino preferably with cinnamon sprinkled on top.
Of course the day of being treated wouldn’t have been complete without a piece of cake – my choice was a lovely piece of carrot cake.


This evening I have been making up some more Halloween treats and I've also played along with Hannah's October sketch challenge again.  Like Hannah I have also gone for a Christmas theme - I have lots to make and I'm a bit later starting them this year.  I also decided to turn the sketch by 90 degrees and have used the tree stamp from a retired SU hostess stamp set called Warmth & Wonder.  I used an embossing folder on the background piece of card and some torn paper strips to create hopefully a snow drift effect.  Some Stickles was added to give a bit of Christmas sparkle.

Thursday, 8 October 2015

Journal photo prompt #8

A bit late in the day but it’s my late night of working and I called in to see our daughter on the way home.  Todays photo prompt is Journal.  I have several journals which I have only recently started working with.  The leather journal was a 50th birthday present which is going to be my art journal – I’ve painted a few of the pages with gesso in preparation of doing some art journaling.  The Plum Paper is my planner/journal which I started working on in October and love working with that each day.  The travel journal I made out of the packaging which my Lollipop Club Box comes in and I made to take along with me next week when we go on holiday.  Finally the cream journal was a birthday present to me this year which is going to be my crafting journal, a place where I put sketches I’ve used, instructions for tutorials on projects i want to make more than once, etc, etc.

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Snuggly photo prompt #7

Todays photo prompt is Snuggly.  As the colder weather starts to arrive the need to keep my feet warm is paramount.  If I have cold feet when I go to bed not only does DH object (for some reason) to me putting them on him but I can’t get to sleep if they are cold.  This is one of my favourite pairs of socks for this time of year – they were a Christmas present and I love them for their multicoloured yarn and the sweet pom poms that decorate the top  of the socks.  I have placed them on my  lovely blue snuggly blanket which is my craft room which if I feel cold of an evening (and we haven’t got the heating on) I can wrap around my shoulders.
I have lots of things that can keep me snuggly and warm this winter including my cow onesie and my cosy dressing gown – not forgetting my dear furbaby Max who is always up for snuggles.

I’ve not had chance to take part in WOYWW this week as I’ve been at work today so there isn’t really much to see on there but I’m still going to have a look round other peoples desks.