Thursday, 29 January 2015

Petals a plenty

All I’ve managed today is to stamp out lots of petals to be torn around to go on the mannequin.  This was mainly down to watching the tennis this morning before I went into work.  Unfortunately I wasn’t able to watch the conclusion of the match I was watching – having to work is so inconvenient at times LOL.  I set the box to record to watch this evening.  It meant an anxious afternoon of wondering what the result was.  I couldn’t wait to find out so text hubby during my break but he didn’t get back to me until I actually left work.  Needless to say I was happy to find that Andy Murray had won and has made it to the Australian Open final.  I wonder who his opponent will be on Sunday.  Just catching up on the match now.

Wednesday, 28 January 2015

Mannequin update

As you can see I didn’t quite get the mannequin completed using fragile papers for the 1st Paper Artsy Topic.  I’ve still got to stamp and tear out quite a few more of the petals before it has it’s skirt finished.  I’ve decided to continue decorating this mannequin using the Paper Artsy Topics for inspiration.  The 2nd Topic is Shiny Stuff and I have an idea where I might go with this but it could all change once the petals have been added.
More progress on the Halloween SAL which seems to be coming on really well now and I am hopeful that I might get this finished within the next week.  It will mean I will be able to take it to be framed when I go down to Framin’ Crafty for the workshop on the 7th February.  I’ll then need to decide which of my other WIP’s that I should concentrate on next.
Max had his stitches out today which I am sure will make him more comfortable.  He has another week of antibiotics and a visit to the vets next Wednesday and hopefully he will get the all clear.  We did have good news from the vet that what they had removed wasn’t cancerous which was a huge relief.

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Just the name

to be added now on Pickety Witch.  I would have completed it but I was distracted again by the tennis.  There have certainly been some good matches played over this tournament with hopefully more to follow..
Sad news to share – our daughter in law suffered a miscarriage yesterday.  I guess it’s natures way of saying it wasn’t meant to be just yet.

Monday, 26 January 2015

Cornwall Cottage Week 2

I’m really pleased with the amount I was able to stitch on this sampler, especially as I had been distracted by the tennis.  A small amount of unpicking is required as I’d misaligned one element of it – something I am prone to doing on such a small fabric count.  It won’t take long to re-do when I pick it up again next Sunday though.

Sunday, 25 January 2015

Tennis is most distracting

Today is the Cornwall Cottage Sampler SAL day.  After I had done my ironing the plan was to sit and do some stitching while watching the Australian Open.  However I found I became so engrossed in the tennis that I knew I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate so left it until this evening to work on.  A progress photo will be posted tomorrow, although I have just discovered a pesky frog has decided to make an appearance.  Thankfully it isn’t much to unpick but annoying all the same!

We called round to see our eldest son and his family this afternoon.  Unfortunately for my daughter in law morning sickness has decided to make an appearance but not as bad as normal for her (at the moment).  I played Frozen pairs with Elisha although I think there was a little cheating going on from time to time LOL.

Nothing much else to blog about today but I thought I’d share a photo of the plant I received for Mother’s day a few years back which I had split.  It’s starting to flower now and getting quite large.  It’s sister is in a pot beside it but about half the size.  Once it has finished flowering which hopefully won’t be for a while yet I will have to split them up again and find space for them all on other window sills.
I hope you have all enjoyed your weekends as much as I have.

Saturday, 24 January 2015

Celebrating Burn’s Night

We have just spent a very enjoyable evening at my brother in law Keith’s house celebrating Burn’s Night.  His partner Emma had decorated the table with tartan, Keith had bottles of Burns ale in place and before the start of the meal we said the Selkirk grace.
Emma and Keith piping in the haggis and playing the address to the haggis before we all raised a toast to the haggis.
During the main course and dessert we took it in turns to read out the verses of To a Mouse, one of Burn’s poems in very bad Scottish accents which caused a great deal of laughter.  I love the Scottish accent but our attempts varied from sounding anything from Cornish to Irish with a slight Scottish twang thrown in every now and then.

Emma’s sister had brought along a stereotypical hat with wig attached which we all took turns in wearing which was then followed by a general knowledge quiz on Scotland.   The evening was rounded off with Auld Lang Syne.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, lots of fun but we also learnt a lot about Robert Burns which we hadn’t known before so a very cultural evening too.

Earlier in the day (which has been a nice sunny day) we cleaned the cars inside and out, something which needed doing badly but with the rainy days we have had of late not had chance to do before.

Once that chore was out of the way I was able to sit down and put some more stitches into the halloween SAL  Pickety Witch is now about two thirds complete.  I probably won’t get to do anymore of this until Monday as tomorrow is the Cornwall Cottage SAL.

Friday, 23 January 2015

Pickety Witch

Pickety is the third witch on this SAL.  I’ve managed to get a few hours of stitching in today in between jobs and hope to get some more in tomorrow.  Apologies if you are getting bored with the updates but I'm hoping that it will help keep me motivated to finish it as soon as possible.  Would be nice to get an outstanding WIP finished this month.
Max had a check up at the vets today and they are happy with his progress so far.  Short walks on the lead while he has his stitches in place is all he is allowed at the moment.