Wednesday, 27 August 2014

Halloween mystery SAL

Part two is progressing slowly, I’ve probably completed about half of it.  Part three arrived in my inbox last week.  With shift swaps time on this piece has been limited this month, after this week I will be back to my normal working pattern so hopefully I will get caught up with this soon.  I really would like to get it completed for Halloween this year.
The Christmas stocking has received more attention this week and it won’t be long before I can start working on the top half of the stocking.  Just a few more stitches on the present which I hope to get done tonight.  I’m leaving the gold thread back stitching until the very end as I don’t want to crush the stitches in the hoop. 

Saturday, 23 August 2014

The present is on it’s way

A little stitching update on the Christmas stocking.  I have been making steady progress on the second Christmas present and this is now almost halfway to completion along with the stitching below the present.  As always I am doing the backstitching as I go and I am also starting to put in some of the gold thread stitching.  I’ve been in to work this morning and it was chaotic – you’d think people would have something better to do over a bank holiday rather than spending it shopping and leaving their prescriptions until the last minute.  However I have been able to enjoy a peaceful few hours in the conservatory stitching this afternoon – DH and DS2 have gone out for the day so it’s been blissful.
Update on dad – we went up to see the consultant in Bath at the beginning of the week and they have said they can perform the operation on his aneurysm.  Before they can do that though the sore he had in one of his nether regions needs to be completely healed before they can do the operation as they cannot risk cross infection.  So it is very much a waiting game and keeping our fingers crossed that the operation happens before the aneurysm decides to burst.

I enjoyed some crafting time down at Scrapbook Magic again this week, working on some more brag books to go in a bookcase that I have made for them to go in.  I also did the scrapbooking class that Margaret holds each month.  I will hopefully be able to share my bookcase later in the week once I have made just a couple more brag books to fill it up completely – they are really great fun and so easy to make but I wanted them to have somewhere safe to store them.

I hope you enjoy the bank holiday weekend – I’m lucky enough to have the next four days off – yippee!

Tuesday, 19 August 2014

Silver wedding anniversary

It’s our dear friends Phillip and Karens silver wedding anniversary today and this is the card I made and sent to them.  It has been received safely and I hope they have had a wonderful day celebrating this milestone in their marriage.  Wishing you both much happiness and many more years together.
It’s also the first card I have made in ages.  I used some new embossing folders from Crafters Companion, new stamps from Heartfelt Creations and new dies from Tattered Lace, along with one of my favourite butterfly stamps and matching punch.  Lots of embossing both dry and heat embossing with silver embossing powder.  I really must try getting back into my card making as there is so much NUBS waiting to be used LOL!

Friday, 8 August 2014

Slow progress

Finally an update of my stitching projects which I know at least one person has been waiting to see.  I’ve made a little progress on the stocking but I am still working on the large present at the bottom right of the stocking.  I ran out of one of the green threads and one of the red threads so had to order them – unfortunately while I was purchasing them the Just Cross Stitch magazine Halloween edition dropped into my basket along with another chart – tut, tut.  There is always temptation when shopping at the Patchwork Rabbit.

I made a start on Part 2 of the mystery Halloween stitch from The Primitive Hare, but the frog decided to pay me a visit this week and the three letters that I have added were stitched and unpicked twice before I got them in the right place – had that blasted frog not made an appearance the word would have been completed.  Fingers crossed I have now sent him off to his pond where he will hopefully spend many a happy hour.

I have also been busy paper crafting.  I made this picnic basket from chipboard and the lovely Mother Goose range of papers from Graphic 45.  The original idea came from this tutorial for a jewellery box by Sweet Bio designs but because I was using chipboard and not recycled packaging the lid seem very unstable on the top of the box.  I decided to make the box lid fit on top of the box more snugly and then added the handle to make it look like a picnic basket.

I have spent some enjoyable hours down at Scrapbook Magic this week.  On Wednesday morning we had the tag workshop one which I have been doing every month and in the afternoon I did the Brag Book workshop which I couldn’t get to last week but Margaret kindly let me do it this week.

Lots of shift swaps at work recently to either take Dad to hospital appointments or for colleagues at work who wanted days off.  I’ve managed to get a shift swap for Monday 18th August as dad now has a hospital appointment in Bath with the consultant up there who is hopefully going to be doing the operation on his aneurysm.  Fingers crossed after this visit we may finally get a date for the operation.

I’ve also been able to spend some time with our eldest son and his family, including lots of bouncing on their trampoline and making loom band bracelets – we even had Sunday dinner with them last weekend – very tasty.

We had two tonne of gravel delivered just over a week ago which we spent an hour and a half shovelling into the wheelbarrow and taking it from the front drive to the back garden.  It was then another week before we got the time to then shovel the same gravel into it’s final resting place.  We have now almost completed half of the garden but there is still so much to do before it starts to look anything like the picture I have in my head.  When we’ve got the time we haven’t got the money and and when we got the money we haven’t always got the time but we’ll get there one day!

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Part 1 completed, birthday girl and stocking update.

I’ve managed to complete Part 1 of the Halloween mystery SAL from The Primitive Hare today.  Part 2 came out last week so thankfully I’ve not fallen too far behind with this stitching.  I’m stitching it on some hand dyed fabric from The Crafty Kitten which is 16 count aida.  I’m working with one strand of cotton as I found it was too bulky looking with two strands – it looks more delicate to me.
I took loads of pictures at Savannah’s birthday party on the 13th which includes this one of her with her Nanna Jane blowing out the candles on the Little Pony cake I’d made for her.  The cake by was no way perfect but it certainly brought a lovely smile to Savannah’s face.
 I also love the photo of her playing at her dressing table pretending to put on her make up just like mummy does.  It was a fun afternoon with lots of bouncing on the trampoline (for the children) and party games.  I just can’t believe she is two already.
The Christmas stocking for Elisha is coming along nicely and the penguin apart from his hat is complete.  I’m now working on the large Christmas present at the bottom of the stocking and then I’ll be able to work on the top half of the stocking.  I’m hoping I can keep the enthusiasm going on this one and get it finished within the next couple of months.  The problem with me is there are so many other distractions all the time including another trip down to Scrapbook Magic for a day of crafting tomorrow.

Friday, 11 July 2014

Penguin update and a mystery

July seems to be flying by with lots of shift swaps at work and outpatient appointments going on throughout the month.   I’ve managed to spend a little time on the Christmas stocking and the penguin will soon be able to stand on his own two feet, although still a long way off from leaving the nest.  I might have got a lot more done if I had remembered to take my threads with me when I met up with a crafting friend earlier in the week LOL
I have tried very hard not to start anything new but I couldn’t resist joining in with Isobel’s mystery Halloween SAL available from the Primitive Hare shop.  I’ve been working on this one before I go into work and I am trying hard to get part one completed before part two comes out – might just have to spend some additional time on it over the weekend.
I’ve also got the next month in the Garden Journal series to start – have fallen slightly behind as June has gone and not a stitch put into June’s Honeysuckle so need to remedy that over the weekend too.  So many things to be done and never enough hours in the day to do them.  We have our granddaughter’s birthday party to look forward to on Sunday – DD asked me to make and decorate her cake.  It’s been a long time since I’ve made a children’s cake before so it will be interesting to see how well that turns out.  The request was a My Little Pony style cake – fingers crossed it will look something like a pony.

Monday, 30 June 2014

I can see clearly now

I’ve finally picked up the penguin Christmas stocking again.  Here is how it looked the last time I worked on it way back in February – I can’t believe it has been so long since I last worked on it.  Must crack on with it now in order to get it finished in time for this Christmas.
The penguin now has both eyes so can keep a watchful eye on my progress each day.  I’ve managed to get quite a few stitches in over the past few stitching sessions but still a long, long way to go.